5 things every daughter-in-law secretly hates about her mother-in-law!

Every woman is very well aware of the fact that she has to put in a little extra effort post marriage, to impress her mother-in-law. From taking her side to doing things her way, bahus don’t leave anything undone to impress their saas. However, just like their mom-in-laws, daughter-in-laws too have a lot they hate about their husband’s mom and you sure will get to hear a lot of this if you eve’s drop into an all-girls conversation.

So here’s what every daughter-in-law secretly hates about her dear MIL! 

1. My daughter greatest

The daughter-in-law might be slogging it out to give her best, but the moment the daughter arrives, things take a whole new turn. Her daughter’s chicken tikka might just put Sanjeev Kapoor to shame, her devotion towards her in laws might surpass the famous TV bahus and her sweetness might even make chilies taste as sweet as jaggery. And if that is less, she also fingers her dear daughter to impart some ‘good’ values into her bahu’s head. And when all this is happening, the daughter-in-law stand there as cold as an ice berg!

2. She feels he is still her ‘baby’

‘Mera raja beta’! Isn’t this just what every daughter-in-law hates? And this goes to an extent of wiping his runny nose, washing his stinky socks or even helping him choose his own clothes! Mother in laws just don’t know when to take off their son’s bibs and this can annoy the hell out of every wife. After all, it's the woman who chooses to leave her home! So, shouldn’t she be getting all the extra pampering?

3. The split personality disorder

Every daughter-in-law would agree that her mom-in-law suffers from this disorder. When her raja beta is around, she would be running around the whole house packing food, cleaning, ironing, cooking and doing what not. But wait! The moment her son leaves, she instantly takes the throne, ordering, criticising and cribbing about her bahu to her dear relatives.

4. Why should I cook exactly like her!

Her bhindi and chole might be a favourite of her mom-in-law, her husband and definitely her raja beta, but does that mean I must cook exactly like her? This is one problem all women face, especially if she is married to a man who is extra particular about food or likes nothing but his mom's food. Every person has a way of doing things and cooking falls under the same bracket. So, dear mom-in-laws, your cooking might be great, but mine is not bad either!

5. She changed my son!

This is another thing that gives daughter-in-laws endless gossip worthy moments! Most mom-in-laws feel their daughter-in-laws have done some kaala jade on their dear sons and that is why he has changed so much after marriage. Well, no one can help them undo the belief that their sons have become joru ke ghulams, after marriage. 

Feature Image Source: Hotstar