5 Things about child birth even Google does not tell you!

When I finally saw those two pink lines, I was thrilled beyond words. After making the announcement, I went shop-hopping, looking for the best pregnancy and parenting books, joined online communities, downloaded apps and did all that was possible to make the best out of those nine months. Armed with all the possible knowledge, I thought pregnancy would be a cake walk. And to my dismay, it was far from what I read or heard.

Until the very fag end of my pregnancy, I had absolutely no food cravings, I did not look pregnant and I lost a lot of weight, instead of gaining. So, if there’s one thing I learnt through those nine months, it was- Expect the unexpected, at all times. So, while pregnancy books and Google tells you all of it or maybe more, there’s more to look into. Here’s what no pregnancy book or Google tells you!

1.     All women want a natural delivery, unless of course, you electively opt for a c-section. But then, you also need to understand and accept that Nature has it’s own way of handling things. While you might have been in the pink o health all through your pregnancy, labor might turn things upside down for you. So, be well prepared for a natural birth or a c-section. And remember, a c-section does not mean the end of the world! Yes, I know your friends and your mother-in-law might be happy to belittle your ‘labour’ efforts, but it DOES take a lot of courage to get strapped on a bed and be cut open in a cold room, in front of strangers. And if you thought, a natural labour would leave you with no sutures, you might want to look up what a ‘perineal tear’ is.

2.     Opting for an epidural does not make you any less of a mother. In fact, practical women opt for an epidural. After all, you don’t want to drain yourself out before you finally push out the little human. In fact, even doctors are for epidurals, simply because it helps women conserve their energy for the crucial moment when she has to push, push and ONLY push. So, epidural is nothing but a practical option to put up with the excruciating pain that labour puts you through.

3.     Breastfeeding is not easy! Newborns have a hard time figuring things out and in the due course new moms also face a whole lot. However, by the time your baby is one month old, he’/she would have kind of mastered the art and you might also enjoy breastfeeding. And if you don’t want to breastfeed, it’s perfectly okay. Don’t let anyone pressurize you. Take a decision and stand by it.

4.     Things will be alright with time. I don’t know about you, but the first six weeks were HELL for me. I was overwhelmed by everything that was happening around me and that was the hardest period. But post this testing phase your hormones which were misbehaving all this while, begin to settle and you kind of get a hang about motherhood. Remember, every new mom has sailed through this phase and you too will. Keep a calendar and strike out dates until you finally complete six weeks. It definitely helps!  

5.    5.    Postpartum depression is real! It affects one in every five women. So, don’t shy away from asking for help. Talk to your partner or whoever you feel comfortable with and make them aware about how you feel. And if you don’t feel the bond with your baby right away, don’t freak out. It does not mean you don’t have that motherly streak. You need some time and so does your baby. So, let things fall in place at its own will and wish.

Feature image source: India.com