5 supercool things that Karanveer Bohra does with his twins’ everyday- and so can you!

Karanveer Bohra is a television superstar whose career has seen only an upward trend post Naagin’s super success. Now that the serial has ended, he is on to the next biggest show. 

Dad to the instagram sensation judwas (twins) Bella and Vienna, is currently hosting ‘India’s Best Judwaa’!

“They wanted to shoot the promo of the show with my twins... but they are down with a bad case of viral fevel. It’s the weather,” he says staring at Mumbai’s windy skies. He lives with his RJ and actor wife Teejay Sidhu.

Here are the 5 supercool things they do with their twin babies everyday and so can you!

1.Waking up together!
Waking UpTeejay and I are always there when they wake up. We don't leave the house until we feed them ourselves and spend a little time with them.  

Why? – Well, It's reassuring for babies to see their parent’s faces first thing in the morning. :)

2.Feeling gratitude!
Every morning we sit with the babies on the balcony or we take them for a walk outside. It's important for children to connect with Mother Nature every day.  They need to see the sunshine, feel the grass on their feet and feel the rain on their faces, even if it's only for a little while. :)

Why? - It's important for them to feel gratitude.. 

3. Meditation for healing!
MeditationAfter I leave for work, Teejay does morning meditations with the babies.  She lights candles and plays chants and mantras. She does deep breathing. I join in when I can.

Why?- We imagine healing white light flowing into their bodies, and imagine every part of them being healed with each breath.

4.Music for sleeping!
Every night I play baby Mozart music for the babies. It helps them relax and helps them sleep.  Or I believe it does anyway! :) They seem to fall asleep peacefully when they hear this music. 

Why? Maybe it's because Teejay listened to it a lot when she was pregnant? We think on some level, they still connect to the vibrations of that music. :)
5.Share the joy of having babies!
Teejay has started an Instagram account for the babies, @twinbabydiaries, and every day, she posts something on their behalf. This could be the lessons they learned today or interesting thoughts they had.  When I am away I love looking at her posts and I instantly feel transported to my babies-land.

Why? Children bring so much joy, so this is our way of sharing that joy with other people. :) 

Aren’t they amazing? You can easily do all of these with you children and inculcate love for nature, gratitude and good sleeping habits in your children! Could also act as a great way to revisit your babies memories years later too!