5 supercool parenting tips from Naagin star Karanvir!

Karanvir Bohra is shooting for his next show –India’s Best Judwa. With make-up lining his eyes and face and dressed in black jeans, long black bandhgala lined with gold chains stitched on, he looks every bit larger than life that he is intended to look.

“Whoever said that hosting was an easy job, should try it once! I have a new-found respect for anchors/hosts and MCs. The physical and mental endurance one needs is beyond compare,” he says with an impish grin on his face.

The show is also an allegory of his own life because he is dad to the Instagram sensation twins who have a fan following of their own!

“They wanted to shoot the promo of the show with my twins... but they are down with a bad case of viral fever. It’s the weather,” he says staring at Mumbai’s windy skies. He lives with his RJ and actor wife Teejay Sidhu.

Did you know that he was born Manoj and that he has learnt Kathak? Son of filmmaker Mahendra Bohra and grandson of actor-producer Ramkumar Bohra, KV is a south Bombay-ite through and through, who now lives in Goregaon! He lived at Cuffe Parade and was a student of Sydenham College at Churchgate. 

Constantly breaking stereotypes, he is currently, married to the chirpy model-VJ Teejay Sidhu, who is three and a half years older than him (yay for anti-ageism!) and is blessed with twin daughters. Teejay’s parents live in Canada and that’s where she decided to deliver her babies. 

“KV was shooting for Naagin 2 at that time and the whole team was rejoicing when we heard the news. He was on the set all the time, all of us were,” recalls a studio hand who now follows his twin babies on instagram!

Winner of the best actor award from Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards for Naagin, KV is extremely proud of the way they are handling parenting. The couple do many lovely things for their children that will make any parent go ‘awww’. Why else does each post on their instagram account have over 5k likes and messages!

Here are the 5 supercool things KV says they do with their twin babies everyday and so can you! 

1. Waking up together because it is reassuring for babies to see parents faces first thing in the morning!

Karanveer wakes up his daughter and wife from bed! 

Teejay and I are always there when they wake up. We don't leave the house until we feed them ourselves and spend a little time with them.   

2. Feeling gratitude because it is important to appreciate what we are blessed with

Balcony time with his daughter is very important for him.

Every morning we sit with the babies on the balcony or we take them for a walk outside. It's important for children to connect with Mother Nature every day. They need to see the sunshine, feel the grass on their feet and feel the rain on their faces, even if it's only for a little while. :) 

3. Meditation for healing because this is one power that we can all receive so much from

After meditation kids just naturally sleep deeply.

After I leave for work, Teejay does morning meditations with the babies.  She lights candles and plays chants and mantras. She does deep breathing. I join in when I can.

We imagine healing white light flowing into their bodies, and imagine every part of them being healed with each breath.

4. Music is the best way to lull a baby to sweet sleep

Karanveer puts his babies to sleep with Mozart!

Every night I play baby Mozart music for the babies. It helps them relax and helps them sleep.  Or I believe it does anyway! :) They seem to fall asleep peacefully when they hear this music. Maybe it's because Teejay listened to it a lot when she was pregnant? We think on some level, they still connect to the vibrations of that music. :)

Fig caption: 

5. Use social media to feel close to your children

Twins have their own instagram account!

(This is a great tip for travelling parents, we think!) Teejay has started an Instagram account for the babies, @twinbabydiaries, and every day, she posts something. This could be the lessons they learned today or interesting things they did.  When I am away I love looking at her posts and I instantly feel transported to my babies-land.

Aren’t they amazing? You can easily do all of these with you children and inculcate love for nature, gratitude and good sleeping habits in your children! Could also act as a great way to revisit your babies memories years later too!   

There are no perfect parents, only real ones.
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