5 snack recipes for your husband’s tiffin in less than 10 minutes

We all know that when the clock strikes 4:30 pm, there are two things office goers crave for: tea and a snack. Tea is a relatively harmless beverage so no complains there. Snacking, on the other hand, is a different matter altogether. It could be anything ranging from a cream-filled roll from the chai wala to a butter-laden maggie. And let’s face it, it’s difficult not to give in to the temptation...unless your husband has something even more tempting in his tiffin box. Here are five healthy snacks you can pack into his lunch box to make sure he never snacks unhealthy at work.

Sweet corn

Seriously, is there anything tastier than sweet corn? And there are so many ways to can prepare it. Just boil a cup of frozen corn (or fresh, whatever is easier) and experiment with different combinations. Try a teaspoon of butter with a pinch of salt and pepper, or add a little chat masala and a squeeze of lemon for a zing. You can even try other spice condiments like oregano to make it more interesting. Plus, sweet corn has some pretty great health benefits.

Sprout chaat

Just soak some sprouts overnight, add chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber, a squeeze of lemon, salt and chilli powder and voila! You’ve got yourself a delish snack that will put an end to maggie cravings and fill your husband up till dinner time. Not to mention that sprouts are a wonderful source of protein and fibre.

Fruit salad

No more eating cut fruits at the roadside vendor, no sir! Who wants a bout of diarrohea, after all? Dice some seasonal fruit (banana, watermelon, papaya, muskmelon, grapes) add a generous sprinkle of chaat masala if you like and pack it off in his tiffin box. Fruits are a great refresher, especially on hot summer days and packed with fibre, and they keep you hydrated. Need we say more?

Spicy puffed rice (with a twist)

Murmura or jhaalmuri is an all-time favourite snack across India. However, the Bengali variant does call for adding chutney, tomato and cucumber, which can turn the puffed rice into smooshed rice. So leave that aside. Instead, roast garlic, mustard and cumin seeds in a bit of oil, and add peanuts, yellow chana dal, chilli powder, salt, turmeric and curry leaves. Add puffed rice after a few minutes till it absorbs the masala and turns crispy. Want a twist? Add cashewnuts, almonds or spiced pumpkin seeds — that’s right. One healthy snack ready to go.

Peanuts masala


Blitz coriander, green chillies, garlic, salt and mint to make a chutney. In a bowl, mix a cup of salted or plain peanuts, add the chutney, chopped onions, tomatoes and a generous squeeze of lemon and your peanut snack pack is ready. You can freeze a batch of this chutney and use it later or do away with it if you’re in a hurry and have no time to prepare it.