5 signs your husband doesn’t love you

Nope, this is not one of those light-hearted “check if this is true” posts. This is a bunch of issues that marriage counsellors have observed among couples and really, it could be a checklist to look out for when you’re having trouble in paradise.Here’s a list from GuyStuffCounseling that gives us women what should ring the alarm bells when it comes down to if your husband truly loves you or not –
  1. Love Gifts on Occasions, but Never Anything Else
What if your husband didn't get you anything for your birthday?  Could that be a sign your husband doesn't love you? What if you had to buy and wrap your own Diwali gifts every year, but he took credit for giving you them as if they were gifts coming from him? Forgetting a family celebration could be a sign of something amiss.
  1. When There Is Love, It Never Lasts
What if your husband was telling you yesterday that you're a "piece of sh-t," he "can't stand to be around you," and wants you "out of my life forever." Then less than 24-hours later he's hugging you, being affectionate towards you, and then has sex with you. Would this mean that what he said the other day wasn't true?
  1. You're Always the Problem (i.e. You're The Reason He Doesn't Change)
What if whenever you tell your husband how unhappy you are in your marriage and what you need him to change to make it better, he always shifts the conversation around to what's wrong with you? What if he always says you're the reason he doesn't love you more? What if you're always the problem and he never is? Could that be a sign your husband doesn't love you?
  1. Doesn't Accept (i.e. really Love) You
What if your husband is always finding fault with you? What if it seems like in his eyes you can never do anything right? And when you do seem to finally get it 'right,' another thing you don't do right pops up? What if you looked back over your relationship and saw a pattern of his lack of accepting (i.e. really loving) you?
  1. There's Never Any Change 
What if you ask your husband to change and he never does? What if he doesn't seem to hear you, so you ask again and again, even to the point of nagging? What if you plead, but get no response? What if you get so fed up and angry that you 'rant' at him trying to get him to hear you and act, and yet he still takes no action? Could you be banging your head against the signs your husband doesn't love you?There are so many more signs that there might be a problem in your relationship that might benefit from professional counselling. If there are more moments of fight than real affection, you might benefit from some distance or talking to a third person. The GuyStuffCounseling post can be read here - http://www.guystuffcounseling.com/counseling-men-blog/bid/89223/5-Signs-Your-Husband-Doesn-t-Love-You