5 sex mistakes almost all Indian men make

Men hate being told they are wrong. And if they are told they are doing it wrong in the bedroom, oh boy. But that’s what we are here for. Listen up, guys. There might be tricks you use in the sack that you think women are just bonkers for, but that may not be the case. Time to take a step back and review your sex moves.

Silent ain’t sexy

It’s like someone hits the mute button on men when they start having sex...what’s that all about? You’re enjoying sex right? A little moaning here, a grunt there isn’t going to do you any harm, guys. Don’t be afraid to tell your woman “that feels good”.

Using fingers like jackhammers

Ok, seriously, what do you think you’re doing? Hammering a nail into its place? The vagina is a fragile, sensitive being and is meant to be treated with love, not repetitive harsh fingering. And while you’re at it, please, please make sure those digits are clean and your nails are cut! Go slow and speed up if your woman likes it...she’ll give you hint, trust us.

Pummell her like there’s no tomorrow

Yes, women like sex. And yes, some women also like the vigorous humping. But, no woman likes JUST that. Once men start going to town with their main missionary act, they believe “that’s it!” and the next thing you know, they’ve climaxed. But hello! Women aren’t built like you. For them, sex is as much about the mind as it is about the body. Take it slow, drink it all in and you’ll see that it’ll be a lot more fun than before.

Pushing her head during a blowjob

When a woman gives you head, she knows how to do it (it’s not rocket science). If you want her to slow down or speed up, do it gently. Don’t thrust her head down on your penis. It’s such a bloody turn off! Guide her head and tell her how you like it. Be verbal. It’s so much better.

Kissing her after going down on her

This we can definitely attribute to all that porn you’re watching. No, no, no judgement. But guys, real life ain’t a porn movie, right? Maybe not all women have a problem with you kissing them on the mouth right after you’ve visited down south, but 99% women hate it. Come on, who wants to taste themselves, huh? Maybe keep some wipes handy the next time you go down on her and if you come back up for air, just discreetly reach for a tissue, wipe that mouth and then kiss her. Please.