5 Safe Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Kids This Summer

Mosquitoes are probably the most dangerous insects on earth. They are responsible for spreading deadly diseases like malaria, dengue ckikangunya, encephalitis etc. Most of the species of mosquitoes perish in cold weathers, leaving behind eggs to hatch in warmer climates. And so summer is the time when they thrive and when kids are most vulnerable to their attack. There are many mosquito repellents available but according to WHO, they may not be a good idea for kids and babies, as lotions/creams/sprays have a chemical called DEET which is unsafe and applied on their hands or fingers can go right in their mouths or coils with their fumes can suffocate.We don’t want you to use anything harmful for your kids and we have researched that mosquito nets are the safest bet. Here are some good ones. 1. Healthgenie mosquito net The most effective and safe means of protection from mosquitoes is a mosquito net. The mesh of the net should fine enough to keep the insects away yet not block visibility or air circulation. Healthgenie is the best bet here for its polyester and fine finish mesh to give super protection. What’s still better is its convenience. It can be easily removed, cleaned and it’s great during travelling.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/m1.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Healthgenie-Mosquito-Double-Foldable-Blue/dp/B00SMF4CPY/ref=zg_bs_1953374031_1?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"]2. The Al – Sunnah Foldable Mosquito net is something we all must have! It has an excellent design, great quality butterfly net, solid piping, double interlocking, zipper attached to a heavy weight floor sheet and all this gives total protection from mosquitoes and other pests. And if hikes and camps freak you out due to the mosquitoes, then this is what you need.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/m2.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Al-Sunnah-Foldable-Mosquito-Net/dp/B019MYFC70/ref=zg_bs_1953374031_8#productDetails?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"] 3. The Orchid Baby Cotton Mosquito Net for JhoolaWe couldn’t resist this one. This soft, washable pinky pink net cover the whole cradle swing giving your precious one super protection from mosquitoes and uninterrupted sleep. Its free air flow helps the baby breathe comfortably. And it is priced well too.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/m3.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Orange-Orchid-Cotton-Mosquito-Jhoola/dp/B00VXB8MUU/ref=zg_bs_1953374031_7?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"]4. Ans Single Bed Pink Mosquito NetLook what an interesting thing we came across! A cute little nylon mosquito net perfect for a single bed your kids sleeps on. It is light, easily washable at home and its nylon texture with its fine mesh offers a 100% protection to your kid from insects and mosquitoes. What we further like about it is its extreme light weight and easy to lift and store feature.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/m5.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Single-X6Ft-Pink-Color-Mosquito/dp/B00M1T4QSA/ref=zg_bs_1953374031_12?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"] 5. Elegant Mosquito Net Blue- This 3x6 feet Polynet product for single beds is a great option. We love it for you because it involves a very easy initial set up with absolutely no tying or fixing required. And of course the air flow once again is perfect hence no feeling of suffocation.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/m4.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Elegant-Mosquito-Net-Single-Color/dp/B00GZMUUZC/ref=zg_bs_1953374031_16?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"] This season show the mosquitoes who they are up against.