5 safe and stylish shoes for your brand new walker

From the time your little cherub starts crawling and then standing up with support, new parents get a new baby accessory to play around with: footwear. Gone are the days when your baby had limited options in shoes or sandals, now it is serious competition for adult footwear. There are more options online for baby footwear than in retail stores as long as you understand the sizing; nonetheless, many websites do offer easy returns and try-and-buy options as well. Although, experts suggest parents should not hasten the footwear process, because as a new walker, the baby should be able to walk confidently barefoot so their feet get a good grip of the ground. Hard-soled footwear does not allow the baby to get that grip, but now there are many options in soft-soled or cloth-based shoes as well those that are closest to barefoot walking.Here are my top five picks for safe and smart footwear for your new walker.1. Baby’s first Soft BootiesThe first tiny booties you would ever buy for your baby even before they start to crawl or walk, but they look awfully adorable on your baby. These are mostly just meant to look pretty on those tiny feet similar to the cute woolen ones knitted by your granny for her grandchild. These are perfect for the first year when you want to dress your baby in cuteness.[caption id="attachment_87407" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Untitled design (7) Click here to view this product now. [/caption]  2. Musical Baby ShoesThese shoes are made out of soft interlock fabric and helps protect baby feet. These are made out of cotton, hence breathableand may be worn by the baby all day especially in the early walking days when the baby is still a tad bit unsteady on its feet. Baby is also quite intrigued by the music while walking around in these comfy shoes. These kind of shoes help in keeping the baby’s tender muscles, tendons and bones of baby feet safe while honing the skill to walk. Easy velcro closure makes this a must have in the first year of the baby’s life.[caption id="attachment_87408" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Untitled design (8) Click here to view this product now[/caption] 3. Baby Cotton ShoesThese lovely shoes are similar to the musical shoes but without the music. Made with cotton fabric making it super comfy and smart looking at the same time. Protects your baby’s precious feet while they are picking up the most awesome skill of walking on their own little two feet. Highly recommended as a must have shoe in the baby’s first year.[caption id="attachment_87409" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Untitled design (9) Click here to view this product[/caption] 4. Baby Rubber SandalsFashionable sandals for your active toddler who has just learnt the art of walking and is still prone to a lot of falls as they try to experiment with this newfound skill. Sandals are available is multiple styles and colors to satisfy the baby’s sense of fashion. These are super comfortable and sturdy at the same time and yet not to harsh on the baby’s tender feet. Easy to clean for those messy days in the sandpit or the water puddle too. Mostly recommended once the baby is slightly steady on their feet towards the end of the first year and into the second year.[caption id="attachment_87410" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Untitled design (10) Click here to view this product now[/caption] 5. Baby Rubber ClogsBaby clogs are the cutest ever, light and sturdy yet super fashionable at the same time. They come in an exhaustive array of designs and colors for you to choose from. They have a slip resistent rubber outsole, and are also anti microbial with cooling ventilation holes on the top and look very cool. These are definitely for your hyper active toddlers who loves running around and making you run after them.[caption id="attachment_87411" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Untitled design (11) Click here to view this product now. [/caption] Whatever your footwear of choice for your little miracle, there is definitely no dearth of options available. So let that shoe fetish take over at times and go buy those insanely cute pair of shoes for your bub.