5 recipes to improve your kid’s eyesight

When my son was in third standard no, he was always reading-reading. Go to school, read under desk. Come home, read while eating. Sleeping time, lie down and read. That too only with one light. I told him also, you’ll get specs. He didn’t listen. So what I did? I made him nice dabba. Very nice dabba, with food to make eyes strong. And I’m telling you no, he still doesn’t have specs.   You also have same problem? So come, I tell you what all to make. Nice yummy dabba it’ll be. 1) Chapati and egg curry:  image03 This will be nice spicy yumyum. Chapati you know how to make. Egg curry, simply boil two eggs, break them. Then, in one more vessel, stir-fry tomato, onion and chilli in little bit coconut oil. Add haldi, salt and little chicken masala. Then put half-glass water, slit eggs on sides, put it in and let it simmer for five minutes. Your egg curry ready. Egg is very good for lots of things, even eyes, you knew? Yellow part has lutein, zeaxanthin - good for retina - and  zinc. Reduces macular degeneration risk and all. In small dabba, peel one orange. It has high vitamin C, again, good for eyes. 2) Rice, palak-methi daal and carrot kheer: image02image01All leafy things high in lutein and zeaxanthin, and I said no on top, it’s good for retina. So make daal - like usual, with moong - but stir-fry palak and methi and add it. On top, put jeera and green chilli tadka. For carrot kheer, peel, cut and boil carrots, run in the mixie, boil it with coconut milk, maybe little milk maid if you want it thick. If carrot only is sweet, no need to add jaggery. Otherwise add little bit and make dissolve. Stir fry kaju, raisin and elaichi till kaju is brown and pour into kheer. How good carrot is for eyes I don’t need to tell. Your child can see for one mile after eating it. 3) Fish cutlet: image04All fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel and trout very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, you knew? Very good for retina and very yummy also. Wash, clean and boil fish with fresh ginger, garlic, chilli and curry patta. Take out bone and cut very finely. Then fry it with onion, salt, pepper and garam masala. Boil and mash aloo, mix with this mixture, make into balls. Dip balls in egg white, roll it in breadcrumbs, deep fry nicely. In small dabba, put little raw onion and ketchup. In tupperware glass, you can send little lemon juice also to drink. Just water, lemon, honey, rock salt. Lemon also has nice Vitamin C. 4) Guacamole sandwich: image00 What this funny word is? Nothing complicated. My sister’s daughter’s classmate’s mummy taught my sister and she taught me. You know avocado? Some people call it butterfruit. Has lot of lutein. Looks little like mango from outside, but inside it has oval brown colour seed. First see if it’s ripe, then cut it and scoop all the fruit out. Mash it, then squeeze lemon immediately and mix, otherwise it will become brown like the seed. Chop onion, tomato, chilli and coriander and mix everything with salt. Spread butter on brown bread, then spread guacamole on it and make sandwich. In small dabba, put two pieces dark chocolate. Chocolate protects eye blood vessels, makes lens and cornea strong. Your son will also like it. 5) Paneer and simla mirch curry with roti: image05 All three kinds of capsicum you should use - red, yellow, green - has Vitamin A preventing eye disease. And it’ll be nice colour-colour. First fry some cashew in oil, then remove it off. Then stir-fry chilli, onion, tomato and capsicum with ginger-garlic paste, mix with little salt and garam masala. Add some water, let it simmer. Then put the cashews and paneer. In one small dabba, put 5-6 soaked almond, raisin and anjur. Almond and kaju also have Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids. Your son will be able to see even ants in the room corner from now on.