5 Reasons why you should not help your child with homework

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If you are like me, you are in a dilemma about whether you should help your child with homework and studying or let him do it himself. I ask around my mommy friends and some of them say that unless they sit with their children, nothing will get done. They say it is a necessary evil that we have to go back to school all over again with our kids! Well, I disgree.
  •  Ability to self-start: Sometimes, we help our children so much that if you ask them ,"Why didn’t you do your homework," they turn around and say "You never told me to do it," or "You never helped me do it." It is important to  set the expectations very early on; that the final responsibility of completing all homework is your child’s and not yours.

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  • Letting it rust: The brain has the natural tendency to take the easiest path to doing all activities, which is why, after driving along a route every morning, your brain goes into auto pilot and takes the route even if you are mentally occupied with something else. If your child gets used to you helping him a lot with homework, he could go lax about it and exert least energies.
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  • Building confidence: Much of our confidence is built when we master a task and learn to do it independently. It is imperative to get your child to that level where he gets the confidence that he can work by himself and get the task done.
  • Learning from mistakes: Do you go to insane lengths to make sure that the homework is finished ? Do you almost feel that you are being judged for your child turning in the homework on time? Or are you worried that your child will lose two marks for turning it in late and you don’t want that to happen? Let your child go to school and face the music: he needs to learn that there are consequences for slipping. Right now he thinks, mommy will make sure he makes it no matter what. Same with a record notebook being left at home: do not run to the bus stop after him.

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  • Learning skills: As your child progresses, he needs to be proficient at a lot of skills like note-taking, revision etc. Unless he gets ample opportunity to practice these at lower grades by himself, he will struggle once he is on his own and you cannot help him any more. Therefore, instead of studying with your child, teach him how to study and then leave him to do it himself. That will last as a critical skill for a much longer period of time.
Of course, we are all incredibly proud when our child does well academically. But as they get to that success, we need to take a critical look at how much effort we are putting in, vis a vis the child. Along the way are you also grooming them into becoming independent learners who can work consistently on their own?Featured Image Source