5 Reasons why my husband deserves his DAD badge

Image Source : Dollarphotoclub.comMotherhood comes naturally to most women. The combination of the umbilical bond, the laborious process of delivering them to the world and the act of nursing creates a natural bond. The father has to work extra hard to establish that bond. He does not have any of the nature-given aids to facilitate that process.  As father’s day comes around, I feel I need to acknowledge that my husband has truly earned his honour as dad and here are the reasons why!1. Seized his role: My daughter was a colicky baby. She would cry non-stop for hours at a time. I lived in the US and had no maid or nanny to help me. I could not put her down for a minute and by the end of the day, I used to feel like a truck had run over me. I would eagerly wait for him to get home, in my dirty nightie, my hair disheveled, drool on my shoulders and at the end of my tether. The minute my husband walked in the door, he would take over my daughter completely and give me a break. I only nursed her. He would pace the halls pacifying the screaming banshee singing all the songs he knew, letting me catch a few hours of sleep in peace and then hand her over to me when she was ready to nurse again at 1 am. Even after a hard day’s work, he could see that I needed him desperately. He seized his role as Dad with gusto. I love him for it.2. Diaper Change: Some men think only a woman should change a potty diaper and the minute there is a diaper change required, they would promptly hand over the baby to the mom. My husband was never one to shy away from the stinky bombs. He would even “lift up the baby and perform a sniff check”  for diaper change.  I admire him for it.3. Walks her to the bus: Today my daughter is 12 and yet he insists, whenever he is in town that he would walk her to the bus stop. He treasures those 5 minutes when she chats up a storm on the way to school. He never skips a day.  Even when he needs to take a business call, he would make sure those 5 minutes are not compromised. I respect him for it.4. Funny guy: He can really get down to a kid’s level and be funny. He has always roughoused with the kids. He loves getting physical with them and early morning love fests on the bed are common. All my kids' friends think he is a very funny guy and he makes my home a welcome place for my kids’ friends. My children feel comfortable bringing their friends home and hanging out. I adore him for it.5. Reminds me they are kids: I have a short temper and sometimes I expect my tween to behave better and tend to get into an argument with her. He intervenes and reminds me that she is a child and I am the adult- he saves me from alienating my daughter due to my short fuse! I am grateful to him for it.Like many wives, of course I have a laundry list of things he could do better to be a better husband. But when it comes to the kids, he totally gets a gold medal!Dads, have you earned your DAD badge of honour yet?