5 Reasons why Kids should go to Camp away from Home

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Today’s kids are being raised in an environment of affluence and seem to have a sense of entitlement and parents wonder how they are going to keep them grounded. Affluent teenagers even demand that they will stay in nothing less than 5 star rated accommodation when they travel and are rapidly losing the ability to adapt and embrace anything less than what they are pampered with. An overnight stay away camp is therefore an excellent avenue through which your kids can get a reality check! These are the values it teaches them:
  1. Sharing: When we were kids, we always had to share that one chocolate bar with our siblings. Today’s affluent middle class kids, get one each, in a flavour of their choice!! When you go to a camp away from home, you HAVE to share. You are most probably sharing your accommodation and during the course of the camp you will be in many situations of give and take which teaches you a lot in life.
  2. Do your own Chores: Many of our kids have most probably not washed a single spoon in their lives. At a camp you are required to take care of everything from washing the dishes you used, take care of the clothes you wore, toiletries, sleeping bag etc. a complete training in independent living- a valuable lesson .
  3. Eat what is given: This is especially a good one for the picky eaters who are always whining at what mom puts on the table, or are used to being given only what they want. Camp is a good place to get used to eating whatever is put on your plate! Else you go hungry!!
  4. Break from Electronics: If your kids are like mine, they are usually plugged into some device or the other. Camp is a complete break from electronics, a break they all desperately need. Spending time with nature without that mp3 player, TV or video games gives you a perspective on how you can be content and happy without these gizmos.
  5. Value what they have: Camp reminds children of the comforts they have at home and how much they take for granted – a nice cozy bed, hot water for a luxurious bath, favourite food on the table, a clean toilet!!  A wakeup call for all our little pampered brats :)
For adults and children alike, it is easy to take for granted what we already have and constantly crave for more. So next time you come by an opportunity for a stay away camp for your kids, go for it ! Your kids will be the better off, after that experience.Check out residential summer camps in India here.Image source: Dollarphotoclub.com