5 Reasons why it is easier to raise a boy child than a girl child

Who is easier to raise a boy or a girl - ZenParent
I have a son and a daughter and I can see a lot of differences in how they react to situations, deal with friendships, care about certain things etc. I have a 13-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy and at least so far, it looks like raising boys is easier than raising girls. Of course I have to say, my son has never been into brash, mischievously destructive behaviour (like breaking toys with a hammer, taking a knife to the sofa etc.), so in that department I have probably had it easy with him.

who is easier to raise a boy or a girl - Zenparent

1. Boys speak straight: Like they say, boys can only see four colours whereas girls can identify Burgundy, Chartreuse and Aqua. Boys seem to speak straight, at least when they are kids. Girls tend to engage in a lot of innuendo- “what she says, but what she actually means etc. etc.”. While boys would just punch you if they are angry, girls will come up with a whole psychological ‘hunger games’.

2. Cliques- When my son wants to go and play- He just runs out and joins a bunch of boys. The more the merrier. My daughter needs to ask the group leader of the bunch playing -” Can I join you” and then they will have a group huddle discussion about whether they can let in an “outsider” into the game? Even when they grow up men seem to be able to bond easily over sports and beer whereas women are far more complicated.

3. Self Esteem: Even in the 21st century, girls still grow up wanting to conform to popular standards of what is considered good looking. They seem to need approval from outside much more than boys do. Is it a natural percolation of the judgemental standards of achievement and perfection we hold for women vis a vis men?how is it easier to raise a boy than a girl - ZenParent4. Overthinking: Girls tend to read between the lines, second guess themselves and try to look for ulterior motives behind words and gestures. They overthink everything and drive themselves crazy. Boys largely operate in the WYSIWYG mode (What you see is what you get!!!)

5. Clothing: I go to the store shopping for my son, and I pick up whatever looks good to me. It just has to kinda sorta fit my son. He wouldn’t care if it hung a little loose, was a little long or didn’t fit “quite that way”. I am unfortunately one of those women who gets tired from shopping- if I have too many choices, I get overwhelmed. Last Diwali, I was in and out of a saree store in 7 minutes flat with a saree that I really liked. The salesman was stunned. Are you sure Madam? Can I show you more? No, I said, I like this. Bill it. I am done.  While I might be a bit extreme, having a fashionista diva for a daughter makes my head spin J . The outfit has to be the right colour, cut, texture, length and fit. Enough said J

Personality differences do exist. My daughter can be cajoled into a lot of things whereas my son is very stubborn and if he has decided “No”, it is almost impossible to change his mind about it. In that way my daughter has been easier to parent and my son is a hard nut to crack. I can see some nightmarish years ahead because of his strong willed behaviour. But if I just had to say based on gender, then yes boys seem to be a lot simpler to parent than girls.