5 Reasons Why Cursive Writing can be beneficial for your child

Teaching Cursive writing in schools all over the world seems to be on a decline due to the surge of technology and electronic media but in a welcome move, Sheila Butt, a Tennessee state representative has introduced an amendment that mandates cursive writing in all public schools in the United States of America. This was initiated after parents and teachers voiced their opinion that their kids could not read hand written notes very effectively and also could not sign their names! Back home, parents also face the dilemma of whether their kids should be taught cursive style of writing or not and are most often confused when they have to take a stand on the issue.Probably this will help you all decide.1. Research suggests that writing in the cursive form helps activate many different parts of the brain and is essential for the fine motor and cognitive development in children. Though many psychologists argue that sensory –motor coordination may be achieved by physical activities like catching ball and Lego, the thinking levels are enhanced by writing in cursive as the hand-eye coordination requirement is different for different alphabets.

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2. Teachers add that students who write in cursive retain more information and generate more ideas. There is also a very interesting observation that kids who have the cursive style of writing do well in reading and spelling tests because the linking up of alphabets in cursive automatically pushes the students to think of words as one whole unit rather than in parts.3. According to Maria Konnikova from the New York Times, cursive writing serves as a tool for helping children who have writing disabilities like dyslexia. This is because the cursive letters are more distinct than the printed ones and children with Dyslexia tend to read them more easily. And also that cursive letters begin from the same point and there is a continuous flow rather than breaks that occur in print letters, hence, avoiding reversals and inversions.

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4. Although there is now an electronic media invasion and books and pencils are being replaced by key boards, one cannot ignore the aesthetic appeal and practical use of cursive writing. There are forms of arts like cursive calligraphy which require the practical use of this skill and we sign in cursive too.5. It is relatively easy to learn cursive which involves the learning of only 3 types of curves as compared to print letters which require full circles & lines and kids are observed to be less confused while learning to write in cursive as there is a considerable difference between letters like ‘b’ and ‘d’. For left-handed kids there is more comfort as in cursive they write from bottom to top unlike in print which is from left to right which tends to get covered by the child’s arms after being written.

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The world is moving at a quick pace and need of the hour is that things be rushed with kids too to ensure faster progress. But food for thought is that how will kids be able to handle all the quick paced learning if it is not based on a strong foundation?Featured Image Source