5 qualities you inherit from your mother (and some that you don’t)

“Oh, your smile is just like your mother’s!” or “You sound exactly like your mom when you sing!” are things that we often get to hear from friends and family. Of course, biology has a huge part to play in these situations, and although you are a product of both your parents, there are certain things you inherit from your dad and then there are things that you get specially from mommy. Let’s take a look at some that you do (and others that you don’t).

You are left-handed

That’s right, if you’re a left-handed child, you can thank (or blame it on!) your mother. If your father is a leftie, chances are that you also could be one, but if the mum is also a leftie, that chance becomes higher. Left-handedness is a trait that is primarily passed down by mothers. And guess what? They say children who are left-handed maybe more insightful and creative.

You sound like your mum

If we had a nickel for every time someone said this, well. Yes, why you sound exactly like your mother on the phone could have something to with your genes. People who belong to the same family sound similar because the anatomy of the larynx (your voice box) depends on your DNA. However, you will never sound EXACTLY like your mother, because like a fingerprint, your voice is a unique feature that only belongs to you. Cool, huh?

You have a temper OR you’re calm (like mum)

Whether you fly off your handle when in a rage or choose to deal with matters in a calm and composed manner depends on your genes that you inherit from your mum. Of course, other factors come into play too, such as your own nature and your personal experiences. But studies have found that genetics play a far more important role in determining how you react to certain situations. So the next time mum advises you to “control your temper, beta”, all you have to do is give her a cool look and say, “But I got it from you, ma.”

Widow's peak

The widow's peak is a V-shaped point in the hairline in the centre of the forehead. So if your’ mother’s hairline is like Marylin Monroe’s or (David Beckham’s!), chances are you will have one too.

You’re intelligent

Yes! If you’ve always scored well in school or cleared those legendary entrance examinations with flying colours, say a huge thank you to mum. Studies have proven that how clever a child is depends on his mother’s genes… AND that a father’s genes makes no difference whatsoever! This is because the chances of a woman passing on intelligence genes to their children is higher because they are carried on the X chromosome and women have two of these, while men only have one. Mum 1, Dad 0.

What you don’t inherit from mum

Your breast size and their shape

If you were worried that your breasts might be too large (or too small) because your mother has them too, rest assured that won’t happen. Because the genes for breast size and shape come from both your mom and dad’s side of the family.

Bad hair

This popular notion is that the mother’s side of the family has an effect on male pattern baldness. However, baldness is a genetic trait that can be inherited by either the mother, the father or both. So quit blaming your mom for your bad hair days.