5 Perks of being a Young Parent

Young parents advantages- Parenting resources by ZenParent
In India, "when" you get married depends a lot on family circumstances. A very small percentage of the population finds their own partner. The rest of the folks enter into arranged marriages where parents and elders decide on a suitable partner. Even when it comes to deciding to have children, Indians are under a lot of pressure once they get married. There is always one aunty in the family who will check with the newly married couple for "good news"!Some couples prefer to start a family as soon as they get married and a few others bow to family pressures. But there are some definite perks in being a young mom or dad.1. More Energy: Parenting requires a lot of energy and the energy levels of a young parent match the requirements of a young child. They will be able to do the running around that a young child demands, and the body will cooperate.

A young parent has more energySource: CC in Flickr

2. Flexibility: As one gets older one is set in one’s ways. We like our homes to be kept a certain way. We have our own routines and schedules and a child usually throws every schedule out of whack. If you are younger, one tends to adapt better and be more flexible with all the chaos that a baby brings into one’s life.3. Bond with grandparents: If you have your child early, then your kids have a longer time to get to know their grandparents and enjoy their company . By extension, you also “may” get to spend more time with YOUR grandchildren!!4. Less Pressure: There is a lot of pressure on Indian women to have a child by a certain age. The body clock ticking away is another concern many women have. In contrast young mothers tend to be more relaxed that they've got a big "to-do" item out of the way!5. Early retirement from responsibilities : If you  have your children early, then they will be off to college while you are still in your 40s. This means you have at least a couple of decades to travel or do anything that you have plans for in life since you have no more pending responsibilities to be worried about.A young parent gets more time to spend with her kidsSource: Dollarphotoclub.comOf course there is no one size fits all. And there are wonderful perks of being an older parent as well.  It is critical that one is mentally ready to welcome a child into one’s home. How old or young you are becomes irrelevant compared to how loving and accepting you are ready to be with your future child.What do YOU think? We'd love to hear your views!