5 Must-Haves In Your Diaper Bag When You Go Out With Baby

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!Let’s get real for a moment. Till your baby turns at least two, your diaper bag is the holy grail of all things important. It’s like the passport to your outings, like the breath to your life. Ok, well, you get the point. But just having the bag accomplishes, well, nothing. Here are the five absolute must haves in your diaper bag when you head out with your baby. 1. Diapers, wipes and disposal bags Duh, a no-brainer. You simply can’t leave your house with a diaper bag that doesn’t have these. How many diapers would depend on how long you expect to be away from home. Always pack a few extra for those unforeseen accidents, longer delays in getting home and just to be prepared. Shop your favourite diaper brands right here.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00AWMC0SQ" sku_tag="Pampersnappy" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]2. Baby’s favourite teether/toyIf you’ve got a teething baby, you know just how important those little suckers are. We love Sophie the giraffe. It’s the perfect texture to soothe sore gums, even if a bit pricey.  But if it’s not in your budget, there are other options that are. Bring along a pacifier or a favourite rattle if that’s what works.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B000IDSLOG" sku_tag="Teethers" link_text="Click Here to View this Product Online"]3. Baby blanketFor sudden changes in weather or just temperature, for outdoors to indoors, whatever, you’re going to have to need a baby blanket in your diaper bag. We love this one from Carter’s. It’s fleece, double sided and the perfect size for a baby up to a year old. Fits well with car seats and strollers, it’s light enough for indoors and warm enough for outdoors.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B01B4J039I" sku_tag="Babyblanket" link_text="Click Here to View this Product Online"]4. Baby nourishment Be it breast milk or formula, you’ll need baby bottles in your diaper bag. Make sure to carry portioned-out formula to be mixed on demand. We like the Piyo milk dispenser for portioning out formula and the Chicco feeding bottles for feeding.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00I11S9HG" sku_tag="Chiccofeedingbottle" link_text="Click Here to View this Product Online"]5. Hand sanitizerWe are germ breeding grounds once we touch a germy surface when we are out. This could be anything from the innocuous steering wheel to the suspicious restaurant table top. A hand sanitizer is a must-have, especially when dealing with a small baby whose immunity isn’t the best. We love the Dettol range.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B007BBU0E2" sku_tag="Dettolhandsanitizer" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]