5 mistakes all women make after upper lip threading

Headed to the beauty parlour for your bi-weekly threading appointment? The good thing about threading is that it’s cheap, devoid of chemical treatments and effective enough. The bad thing is that if you have sensitive skin, you could end up with a host of skin problems if you have any of the bad habits that we’ll be discussing later in this article. First off, let’s get to what you should do before you get your upper lip threaded.

Before threading

  • Threading can easily open up your skin pores and leave the gate open for all sorts of disgusting things to get into them, bacteria, dirt, you name it. The smart thing to do is wash and exfoliate your upper lip so that your pores are protected from contamination.
  • Before the beautician starts off, make sure she’s rubbed your upper lip with plenty of baby powder, which absorbs excess oil and reduces irritation that occurs due to friction.

5 mistakes to avoid after threading

  • Don’t apply strong cosmetic products or creams right after threading, such as BB creams or foundation.
  • Keep your hands away from your face. The general tendency of women is to touch their skin after threading, and our fingers have bacteria on them that can clog your pores and cause rashes and acne.
  • Use aloe vera, rose water or ice cubes to calm irritated skin.
  • Never use bleach after threading because your skin is very sensitive right after threading.
  • Never go for a facial/heat treatment post threading

Keep in mind

  • Avoid threading for a few days before your period because the skin is sensitive around this time.
  • There’s still a good chance that you might get pimples or rashes, so never get your upper lip threaded a few days before an important function.

How to remove darkening of upper lip

  • Use lemon as it’s a bleaching agent, it helps lighten the skin above your lip.
  • Use a homemade scrub made from honey, lemon and sugar as it removes dead skin cells and hair.
  • Take some rose water and add a tsp of glycerine to it, this refreshes the skin as well as prevents upper lip darkening.
  • A homemade scrub of gram flour, turmeric, curd and lemon acts like a pack for your upper lip and helps lighten the skin.