5 Manners To Teach Every Child

If we look carefully at the people whom we really like, invariably the fact that they are well mannered would be one of their personality traits. It is one of the traits that makes a lasting impression on people. While today, we give our children a long leash on what they can and cannot do and are probably not being very particular about a lot of things, manners is one thing every parent should insist upon with their children. The following 5 manners are very basic for every kid and the sooner you begin, the easier it will become a part of their life.
  1. Please and Thank you:  These are the two most basic words that every child needs to know. But it is surprising how many do not use them at all. People usually refer to such kids as Brats  To request and be thankful are also qualities that deserve to be incorporated into one’s psyche for a fulfilling life  When children are taught these words at a really young age, it almost becomes a reflex for them to use it, which is fantastic!
  2. Excuse me: Kids tend to butt into conversations whenever they feel like it. Whether it is interrupting the conversation of adults or even their own peer group, it is important to teach them to use the word “Excuse me”. When we don’t teach kids when they are young to wait their turn, they grow up into annoying adults who cut lines, interrupt conversations and behave obnoxiously when they have to wait in line.
  3. Greeting: It is always a delightful way to interact with people – to commence with a greeting.  It starts off the interaction on a positive note. People who greet each other and smile give a friendly vibe which encourages conversation.  Insist that your kids greet other kids or say respectable “pranams” to older people.
  4. Knock on doors! Whether you are having a private moment with your husband or a sibling is changing clothes and the door is shut, little ones sometimes tend to barge into rooms without a thought. Teach them to knock always when a door is closed. This rule holds true for public restrooms too!!!!
  5. Close your mouth and Chomp: Today many business meetings are done over lunch and it would hold your kids in good stead forever, if they learnt some good table manners, starting with closing their mouth and chewing. This habit especially, if you do not get it when you are young, is really really hard to change it when you are an adult. So teach your kids early to close their mouth and chew and save everyone the ugly sight.
good manner childThe list of delightful manners is endless. For example, if a kid has come to my house to play with my child, when they leave, I insist that my child walks them to the door and say “Bye” instead of continuing to play with their toys as the child leaves. I like it when guests walk me to the door and therefore I think it is a nice habit to cultivate. So there are endless number of nice habits we can cultivate, however the above are most basic for a person, not just to be nice for the sake of niceness, but also in this highly networked world, it pays off to be a nice person!!