5 life skills you must teach your kids before they turn 10

We all want the best for our children. But being good at academics, excelling in sports and active in extracurricular activities are not the only skills for the betterment of our kids. We should also teach them these very basic life skills which will help them become a responsible, respectable and valuable part of society.

Teach them how to make a simple meal:

Mother and daughter (4-5) preparing food in kitchen

Don't shoo away your child to go and play or watch TV while you are cooking. Involve him with you, let him stand near you and watch the process, then you can ask him for a little help. Get him to wash vegetables, fetch a few things from the refrigerator, butter bread or rotis. Don't be angry or yell at him if he makes a mess. Also, be careful while letting him handle knives and peelers. By the age of 10, he can even be allowed to cook on stove while you supervise.

Let them advocate for themselves:


Let your kids know that you will not always be there to defend and protect them. Encourage them to stand up for themselves. Teach them there is nothing wrong in defending themselves and asking for help when situations call for it. Also, tell them to be polite and not raise their voices while doing so.

Clean up:


Make them understand the importance of cleanliness and assign them simple cleaning duties like arranging their books and stationery, organising their toys, washing their plates after their meals, cleaning their lunch boxes and making their own bed. By the time they turn 10, teach them how to wash clothes too.

Road safety:


It is important to teach your kids to always be careful while walking on the road, no matter how short the distance. Even if they are travelling by school bus, tell them to watch out for vehicles when they are boarding and getting off. Ensure that they always use the footpath, follow traffic signals and use the zebra crossing to cross the road. Make sure they have their helmets on when they ride the bicycle.

Managing Money:


We don’t usually like talking to our kids about money. But it is necessary to teach them the basic concepts of how money is used and have them recognise different denominations. Encourage them to save if you are giving them pocket money. Also, teach them how to manage money. For instance, while shopping, mention to them why you're choosing one item, which costs 10 rupees less than the other.

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