5 Indian foods American moms stole from our kitchens!

Like it or not we Indians look up to the West for a lot of things. Be it fashion, parenting tips, the how to’s and why’s about pregnancy and motherhood etc are all west-driven. In fact, type parenting on Google and the first link that is thrown at you could also be something written by an English author.

However, little do we realise that our ancestors have left behind a treasure box of ideas and remedies for us, which in fact the Americans are more than happy to borrow. From the very humble haldi doodh to coconut oil and the daily dal, here are 5 foods Americans are stealing from our kitchen!

1.     Golden milk aka Turmeric milk

Ask your friend or relative in the USA and she is sure to tell you about the new rage in the country. Haldi Doodh as our mums and grand mums call it is the secret home remedy to a whole lot of health issues and the Americans have now started considering this an elixir.

Turmeric traces its roots back in India and is a blessing in disguise for many health issues including cold, sore throat, and flu. Apart from having a healing effect, turmeric is also known to be used as a natural remedy to treat acne, dark patches in the skin as it gives a brightening effect. And recent studies have shown that it also is proving to be a remedy for Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

2.   Coconut oil

This is one thing that always has a spot in all our kitchens, right? From adding flavor to the food to keeping our skin soft and supple and preventing hair fall, coconut oil is a miracle in many ways. The oil originated in Kerala, and now has Americans taking over it like a plague.

3.   Banana chips

No Indian can say no to this! Made as a deep-fried snack or dried slices, banana chips are high in vitamins and minerals. Sold in every other shop in India, this humble, yet tasty snack is now a huge hit in America as well.

4.   Cinnamon

There is no dessert in the US in which there is no cinnamon. From cakes to buns, rolls, pastries and frappes, cinnamon is a vital ingredient in many foods. Cinnamon originated in Srilanka and was then popularized in Northern India. It helps in preventing cancer, curing stomach flu, sore throat, depression and controls sugar levels. It has a lot of nutrients and helps in weight loss too.

5.   Lentils

There is no baby in India that might not have tasted dal water in the initial years. A staple food in India, lentils have slowly and steadily made their way into American kitchens as well. They were introduced to The US through Canada but they are being consumed more because of the rising population of Indians in the US.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to offend anyone. It is an attempt to let Indians know that we don’t have to go to the West for ideas, but instead dig out the ones our ancestors have left behind.

Feature image source: Khoobsurati.com