5 games we played as kids that our kids have no idea about

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 Times have changed. As kids, we came in from school, heaved our bags someplace, grabbed a snack and headed outdoors to play with our flatmates. We were always out till dark and had to be dragged indoors by parents to do our homework. Kids these days consider Wii to be great exercise. Some households still have a carrom night or a kabbadi day. But here’s reminiscing some of the games of our childhood that our kids aren’t clued in to –1. Paandi (Hopscotch)

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A game of strategy, skill, logic, perception and even balance-enhancing, this game of 7/9/11 boxes and stones has entertained generations before us. It is typically played by a group of players, taking turns to throw a stone into a box without touching the borders. The player then has to hop into that box directly and then hop his way through the board and back. Paandi was a great entertainment for the sundown period after a tiring day of school. Mention paandi to your kids now and they’re likely to ask – who’s acting in it?2. Kho Kho

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A tag sport consisting of 12 players per team, who need to avoid being “caught” by the opposing team, kho kho was a real competition sport back when our generation was growing up. It’s still played in schools, but outside of it, it’s lost its splendour thanks to the lack of international recognition.3. Simon says

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Simon says is a fun game of 3 or more players where one pretends to be “Simon”. Simple orders are issued which have to be followed by the playing group. One random order is issued without the required “Simon says..” and those who end up following it are out. A fun rainy day or indoors games for kindergarteners and primary kids, this was one of the popular games of our childhood.4. Red light, green light

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Remember this one? One person has to be the traffic light and turn his back to the others at the start line. He/she says “Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3” and suddenly whirls around. Any person caught moving is “out” and has to start over. Whoever reached the “traffic light” person wins and has to be the traffic light for the next run. What fun!5. Chozhi (shell) game

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Ah I was a big fan of the chozhi or shell game. It was one I played with my cousins all the time. You could play with 4 or multiples of 4 shells. You had to throw them on the ground. Different points were allocated for the different configurations they could fall in. And these were good for finger dexterity, mental mathematics and more.What were your favourite games as a child? Share with us.