5 under-five-minute natural home remedies for dark spots

5 under-five-minute natural home remedies for dark spots

I come from a family where genetics have blessed almost everyone with really great skin. My mother, at 58, still has a smooth, golden complexion while my cousins and aunts all have taut, spotless skin. Many branches of my family have many simple, quick remedies for skin problems, but more than that, they all have routines that ensure good, healthy skin. For example, for a quick skin pick-me-up, my mother recommends massaging your face with virgin coconut oil (cold pressed, if you can find it), leaving it on for about an hour and then washing it off. For a quicker pick me, she just applies the juice of a tomato on her face when she’s in the kitchen for instantly brighter, tauter skin.

The first thing to remember about skin and hair treatments is that you need a universe of patience. There are no on-the-spot remedies, there are no instant results, especially if you are looking at natural methods. Stick with a routine for the desired result and drink a lot of water. In two weeks, you’ll start to see the results, I promise you.

One skin ‘problem’, if you can call it that, is dark spots on the sides of my face where it is exposed to the sun on a regular basis. I personally don’t have an issue with those spots, but I decided to try some home remedies to see what works and what doesn’t, out of curiosity. Here are my five recommendations.

1. What: Lemon juice

           How: A natural astringent and (very mild) natural bleach helps reduce the spots with regular use. Apply a teaspoon full of it all over your face and leave it on for about an hour. Wash it off with warm water and moisturise. This is best done at night because the skin becomes sensitive to sunlight after application. Mix it with honey for antiseptic properties. If you’ve got lesions or open sores, wait till they heal before application.

           You should see results in: About three weeks of everyday use.


2. What: Potatoes.
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           How: Potatoes too have natural bleaching agents that help pigmentation and dark spots, and if you use it long enough and diligently enough, lightening scars as well. The starch and enzymes in it promote good skin health. Grate a potato, mix in honey, apply it on your face and sit back for a while. This isn’t a mask that you can use as you go about doing your work. It will drip, so do it when you have some time. Wash off with warm water.

            You should see results in: Three weeks of doing this once a day will show you definite results.

3. What: Buttermilk and tomato juice
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           How: Buttermilk has lactic acid that works on your skin to lighten blemishes and spots, and tomato juice is an excellent natural bleaching agent too. 4 teaspoons of buttermilk and 2 teaspoons of fresh tomato juice is all you need for this. Any dairy product on your skin has the added advantage of moisture, so feel free to use this application every three days, if not every day.

           You should start seeing results in: About two weeks on regular usage.

4. What: Aloe vera gel
Sliced of aloe vera leaf

           How:  You can use a reliable brand of gel or scoop some off your aloe vera plant, give it a spin in the blender with a spoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face once or twice a day.

          You should see results in: In about a month, you should see gentle fading of spots and better skin health in general.

5. What: Turmeric, milk and lemon juice

           How: Turmeric has been, since forever, a go-to beauty ingredient in South Indian kitchens. It has antiseptic and lightening properties that really do wonders for the skin and keep germs on at bay. Mix a spoon of (organic, if possible) turmeric with a little milk and lemon juice, just enough to make a paste. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it on for about ten minutes and wash it off. Turmeric is tricky to take off, so you may want to massage some coconut oil in and then wash it off with a soap cleanser.

          You should see results in: A week.