5 Cool things about your ‘C’ grader

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George Bush Jr. was president of the United States for two terms. In one of the graduation addresses that he gave he said he was always an average C grade student. There are many other successful C grade students that we know off- Bill gates, John. F Kennedy, Richard Branson (Founder Of Virgin group and net worth of 5 billion USD) etc. So in case you are despairing that your child’s grades are very average, here are 5 Reasons why your C grade child could kick butt in the future.Enterprising: C grade kids are bored with working within the system. They are always finding other ways to get their work done. This makes them enterprising. They strive to get things done in whichever way possible not sticking within guidelines minimizing effort !. These qualities aid them in entrepreneurial pursuits in the future.

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Non Approval seeking: C grade kids are not dying for approval to be #1 or a straight A student. They march to their own beat and are very happy to explore other things in life. They do not believe that the academic topper is a position to be envious about that. Therefore, they are free to do what their heart desires and passion influences the work that they do later in life.Risk taking: C grade kids are risk takers. They are always pushing the envelope on what is acceptable. They are ready to take a chance and see if they can get through. This makes them think outside the box and try innovative ideas. They are fearless experimenters who are ready to try anything if they believe in the idea.

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Persevering: C graders push their way into getting what they want. They are so used to hustling at the last minute to get things done that they will use this trait to achieve their goal, no matter what it takes. While some strait jacketed folks might shun away from being pushy, these guys have no qualms to push to get what they want.Rolling with the punches: They are not perfectionists – which is exactly why they get the grades they do! However, this quality of not going for perfectionism will aid them in just getting the job done. When you have a job that just needs to get done within a time frame, they will get it done and they are ok with it not being perfect. In many instances, it is more important to finish than to fix every single glitch and make it perfect and miss the deadline.

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So if you have this nagging worry in your head that your child is not doing as well as he should be in school, don’t worry too much, you could be surprised at what he has within him! There is a popular saying that the As teach the Bs to work for the Cs :)