5 best workout shoes under Rs. 5000

You can get shoes for 100 bucks or even 50000. Why is it important to have a good pair? The typical woman’s brain chooses quantity over quality. More shoes the merrier, right? Wrong. Wearing the right shoes especially during workouts is crucial to maintain the right posture and avoid injury. As tools, shoes will protect your feet which balance your entire body from mishaps during your training. So scrimping on those Adidas sports bras maybe ok, but shoes, not so much. We’ve picked out our favourites, all under 5k to suit every budget fitness freak1. Decathlon Kalenji Ekiden 50Basic, meshed, light and comfortable, these shoes are good for beginners who aren’t going to be doing any strenuous running or extended workouts. They offer good heel support and are suitable for walking or just working out at the gym. And at this price, they’re quite attractive.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00HZH3F6C" sku_tag="B00HZH3F6C" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]2. Adidas Women’s Eyota Mesh ShoesThese lace-ups from Adidas are attractive, meshed, light and comfortable for running. The material is breathable, airy and light enough for extended workouts and easy to clean once finished. The rubber soles have good grip on all terrains. The size fits right , so make sure to buy exactly your size. As one of the lesser expensive shoes from the brand, the soles aren’t as flexible as one might like. But at it’s price, this is a great product to invest in.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00PRTXHOK" sku_tag="B00PRTXHOK" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]3. Puma Women’s Axis II Running shoes From one of the most renowned shoe makers, these Puma Women’s running shoes are a stunner in their price range. Attractive, light, comfortable foot bedding and a textured rubber out sole, these shoes are ideal for running, gymming or even just walking. The feel, looks, comfort, ease of clean and affordability make this one of the top runners (pun intended) for women’s shoes.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00PU5F17W" sku_tag="B00PU5F17W" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]4. Nike Women’s revolution 2MSL ShoesNot to be left behind, this brat of the pack from Nike is trendy, bright, attractive, comfortable and airy to give a weightless feel to your feet that Nike are so famous for. The style is lace-up and features an attractive contrast trimming to further up its appeal.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B01BOUDYJI" sku_tag="B01BOUDYJI" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online" image_url="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71N204NOMSL._UL1500_.jpg"]5. Skechers Women’s Mesh Multisport shoesThis shoe gives it all – support, cushion, highly flexible sole, attractive colours, clean and trendy designs, breathability with seamless construction, airy and extremely light. The minimal layers make sure that the mesh sits right on your feet making it super breathable and easy to wear for long durations without sweating within. The memory foam within remembers the contours of your legs leaving you feeling like you’re walking on air. Though at the higher end of the price range, the comforts it offers are unmatched in the category.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00NIX5K9M" sku_tag="B00NIX5K9M" link_text=" Click Here to View this Product Online"]