5 Best Things To Help Potty Train Your Kid

Potty training is a big deal for kids. Moving from the comfort of pee-when-you-want nappies to actually telling you that they want to pee-pee or wee-wee is not easy. Thus as a parent you want to make this transition as easy as possible for them as well as yourself. There is no real perfect time for potty training and each child will respond at his/ her own pace to being potty-trained.Here are 5 things that can help you potty train your little one1. Potty Training PantsChildren beginning to be potty-trained do not understand that they need to go to the potty until it is quite late. (or in most instances, too late!) Add to that, clothes which are difficult to strip/ remove and you are fighting a lost battle. So do away with the rompers, onesies, etc. and use pull-up pants. Kids can easily remove them and run to the potty! [text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B0189LM46Y" link_text="Click Here To View This Product Online"]2. Potty ChairsThese are for the early beginners. They come in fun colours and designs which kids love. Kids also get immense joy in having a potty exclusively for themselves. Added benefit is that you can use it anywhere you want. So begin in the room your child is most comfortable in and the whole idea of potty training seems less intimidating to your little one. [text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00V6BRS5W" link_text="Click Here To View This Product Online"]3. Potty seatsIf you want to straight away train your kids to use the toilets at home this is your best bet. You can easily place the seat reducers on the WC and kids can use it. The stool at their feet helps them maintain balance and climb up on the WC whenever they need to pee or poo. [text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="B00VTN8X24" link_text="Upto 50% OFF! Click Here To View This Product Online"]4. Training aidsPotty training can take hours and can be really boring. Be creative and try and make it more fun for your little one. You could use music as a background incentive or a book to read on the potty. You could use both if you want but ensure your remind your kid that they need to be done with their business fast and be off the potty.[text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="038538369X" link_text="Click Here To View This Product Online"]5. RewardsEveryone likes being appreciated when they do achieve something. And yes using the potty when they need to is a big achievement for your little one. Be sure to reward your little one for the attempt. You could have a tracker with lovely stars and smileys for your little one to maintain and show off.  You will be surprised the wonders a smiley can do in getting your little one to do what you want them to![text_image_affiliate_ab product_id="1472358910" link_text="Click Here To View This Product Online"]Along with all this remember to have loads of patience. The change is not going to come easy and it’s not going to be overnight. It can take days even if your kid is trying his/ her best. Do yourself a favour and reward yourself too for the successes. A pat on your back is always well-deserved so what if no one else is giving it to you!