5 Best Sippers to Keep You Hydrated

Hydrating yourself is one of the key components for a successful workout. More often than not, it so happens that people are drinking far less water than they ought to be during the day. It’s especially important to hydrate through a workout because you lose essential salts and minerals by sweating it out. You need to replenish the water in your body. What better way than to carry along one of these cute bottles with you during your workout?


1. Pigeon PlayBoy Sport water bottle

Basic, handy, stainless steel bottle from a known brand – Pigeon, this water bottle is strong, sturdy and has a thicker drinking gauge for higher durability. It is easy to clean, rust-proof and hygienic and well suited to your hydrating needs, be it at the gym, or at home or just about any outing. Its handy carry handle and sipper plug are added features for it’s low cost.

₹260 – save ₹231 (47% off )

2. H20 Trendy Gym Sipper

Easy single finger lift lid makes it easy to hydrate on the go while running or working out. Its wide mouth makes filling water really easy. Basic and clean in design and looks, this water bottle from H2O is spill-proof, has a little clip for attaching to your bike or bag.

₹ 265

3. Sport water bottle with fruit infuser

This infuser/water bottle stands in a class apart from your usual water bottles with it’s central cartridge that can be filled with fresh fruits to create your own flavoured water on the go. Besides, the surrounding BPA-free plastic can withstand all temperatures from freezing to boiling making this water bottle suitable for home, for cars or even for gyms. The cartridge is removable to transform it into a normal water bottle too. Why buy flavoured water when you can just make your own?


4. Nike Volt & Black Water bottle 

Solid, sturdy and screaming sporty with it’s trademark logo, Nike’s Volt & Black Water bottle is exactly what it claims to be – volt, black and a water bottle. It’s unbreakable plastic is BPA-free and it’s flip top allows easy opening of the lid for drinking water on the go. If you’re a branded junkie, this one’s for you.

₹ 750

5. Camelbak Chute 1L 

Durable, leak-proof and with an angled spout, this water bottle provides high flow of water without all the spillage and sploshing. With its terribly attractive looks, it also features marked dosage on the exterior that helps one track the amount of water they’ve taken in. 100% BPA-free, unbreakable, hygienic and easy to clean, the spout gives way to a tether which helps open the lid for easy filling. Brilliant quality and great value for money, this is a good addition to your gym bag.

₹ 999

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