5 Best Learning Apps for Kindergartners

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Let’s face it – the way of learning is evolving today that is very different from the time when we went to school. I saw my first computer at 16. I didn’t do any assignments on it till I was doing my Masters in the US. Now, schools routinely give homework assignments to 4th and 5th standard kids on their computers. And it's even said that schools will have subject apps very soon. It’s only a matter of time. Meanwhile, if you’re one of those parents who’re giving their kids screen time anyway, here are some apps that you can keep an eye out for, for kindergartners (Top / best educational apps for kids age 3-7) to learn as they play –1. Moose Math

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One of the best toddler learning apps that teaches addition, subtraction, geometry, sorting and much more. It features multilevel game designs with real world algebraic problem solving. The app also complies with the Common Core State Standards and creates a report card for parents.Find it on App Store as well as Play Store.2. Intro to Cursive

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It's almost become an art form now – cursive writing. Nothing beats writing on the 4 line sheets. But for the next best thing, try this app – Intro to Cursive. Find it at the App Store. It uses the  D’Nealian style, a great tool to differentiate between identical looking script, like the number ‘1’ and lower case ‘l’,  It isn’t on Play Store yet. But "Cursive Writing for Kids HWTC" is a close match available on Play Store.3. Spell with Pip

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From the Oxford University Press comes this spelling app which claims to be “so much fun for kids that they won’t even know they’re practicing their spelling”. With over 3000 commonly used preschooler words, it also associates with rhyme groups whilst supporting multiplayer interface through a fun spelling game. Find it on App Store and Play Store.4. Storybook apps

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When it comes to app storybooks, there are so many to choose from! The storybooks on tablets are interactive; can be read out to kid with good sound effects and music; making them easy for the kids to read by themselves and which, usually have fun games and a lot more. Here are some to check out –The very hungry caterpillar – Eric Carle – AVAILABLE ON App Store, Play StoreFrozen interactive storybook – AVAILABLE ON App Store, Play StoreCaillou – AVAILABLE ON App Store, Play Store5. Veggie Bottoms

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Encourage healthy eating by installing this app on your kid’s tablet. In a silly storybook format, fruits and vegetables are converted into anthropomorphic characters with unique personalities. Kids can learn about each fruit and vegetable and spin them around. It's available on App Store and Play Store as well. So, download some of the 'Best learning apps for toddlers 2015' and enjoy a happy learning time with your lo!Looking for ideas to engage your child without gadgets? Check this out