5 Best Baby Detergents In India

Before we get down to it, do you really need a separate laundry detergent at all? Maybe, maybe not. What baby laundry detergents are, are scent-free, made suitable for sensitive skin and allergen-free. So you’d rather not take a risk with ordinary detergents and find out the hard way that your baby is irritated by something in ordinary detergent. Here are our favourite picks from the laundry detergents available in India.

1. Mee Mee baby laundry detergent

With no harsh chemicals, it’s environment-friendly biodegradability, antibacterial properties, no artificial colours, 100% free from phosphares and fluoroscents, and effective stain removal, the Mee Mee baby detergent is a good option for parents who want the whitening without the loss in colour. The fabric is left soft and smelling pleasant.

 2. Pigeon baby detergent

With a special cleansing formula targeted at food stains but is gentle enough for your baby’s sensitive skin, the Pigeon baby detergent is 100% phosphate and fluorescent free is a great option for washing your baby’s stained clothes. The wash leaves clothes clean, soft and smelling great. 

 3. Momma’s Baby detergent

Sulphate/paraben/fluorescent-free, with built-in germicide and fabric softener while being biodegradable too, Momma’s Baby baby detergent is a force to be reckoned with in the market. It’s safe enough for sensitive skin and tough on stains to provide an all round great product for doing baby laundry.

4. LuvLap Baby detergent

Non-toxic, biodegradable, antibacterial, pH regulated, phosphate-fluoroscent-paraben – free, and comparatively inexpensive, LuvLap baby detergent has it all. It’s thorough stain removal performance while delivering a good smell and softness to clothes is unparalleled. As a sure contender to the other brands, this product speaks for itself by delivering what it claims.

 5. Farlin baby laundry detergent

Good for baby good for the entire family. Another infallible product from the Farlin brand, this baby detergent has a special ant-stink formula in addition to having the regular chemical-free, antibacterial properties. Mild, with a sweet fragrance, this detergent keeps clothes looking new as ever wash after wash. 

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