5 best and worst summer foods for your child

If you are worried about your child’s health this summer, no doubt food would be one of the top concerns. While the good old things like buttermilk and watermelon are a definite yes, we are going to make life easy for you by telling you the five best (and worst!) foods for your child in this season.

The top 5

Sweet corn:

Corn on the cob without butter or salt is a high-fiber, low-calorie food. Just go easy on the butter and choose the yellow variety over the white kind for added vitamin A.

Fruit salad:

Possibly one of the best things to eat in summer. Careful though - we aren’t talking about the cut fruits that roadside vendors sell on their carts. No! Buy some fruits, wash them in warm water, and serve chilled with a sprinkle of chaat masala. Yum!

Coconut water:

In these times when everything is sprayed with pesticides and injected with colour and sugar, coconut water is a rare nutritious treat. Packed with nutrients that are wonderful for your body, coconut water can hydrate you like no other drink.


Or other citrus fruits like mausambi are a great summer snack. They are rich in Vitamin C and fiber.


It’s made of 95% water. What else do you need? Packed with nutrients such as Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron and Riboflavin, cucumbers have the ability to boost your child’s immune system during summers, a time for some common heat ailments.

The bottom 5

Spicy food:

Spicy foods heat up your body and lower digestion and therefore, are a pretty bad idea during summers.

Non-vegetarian food:

Non-vegetarian food is difficult to digest, and summers makes it worse. Foods like meat and mutton have a lot of heat which is not good for the body.

Cold coffee:

Coffee is packed with caffeine and has diuretic properties. In summer avoid cold coffee and opt for a refreshing glass of lemon iced tea. It has a lot more health benefits for your child during the summer.


Does your child love his cheese sauce pasta? Well, it may be time to cut back on it during the hot season. They are heavy and make you feel loaded, to say nothing of the calories, which makes it really tough to digest. Go for a pasta salad instead.

Oily food:

French fries, papad, pakodas, you know the drill. Greasy food tends to be heavy, and the concentration of bad fats in these foods is really high.