5 belly blasting breakfast tips by Rujuta Diwekar!

Rujuta Diwekar doesn’t mince words when she talks about diet, food and nutrition. She is still saying what she always has been – think global- eat local!

Before you reach out for that sugary milky brew that has been boiled till the leaves become grey, stop. That’s not how you are going to get that Kareena Kapoor glow and you sure as hell will not lose your muffin-top belly by doing that.

Here’s how Rujuta has Kareena starting her day.

1. Wake up and have a banana

Why banana? Nature makes certain foods available at a particular time because these foods are at the peak of their nutritional value during that season. The intense sweet of banana coupled with its potassium and other nutrients immediately restore energy to a body that hasn’t eaten for 8 long hours.

Next Kareena heads for her workout. Haven’t seen the videos yet? Seem them here.

2. Post workout 1 glass protein shake and one boiled potato

Why? Without an adequate amount of protein our muscles wouldn't heal up as quickly. After an intense workout session not giving nutrition back to your body could lead to injury. Drinking protein shakes also help weight loss.

3. Finally,we can have our breakfast!

Choice # 1: Poha.

Finally some carbs. Home cooked and served hot, poha is the ultimate breakfast according to Rujuta. It is rich in iron and is a complete meal in itself. Despite being a good source of carbohydrate the humble poha is very low on gluten. The addition of peanuts and vegetables only add to the taste and health of this uniquely Indian favourite breakfast.

Nutritional value: A bowl of Poha has 244 Kcal.

Choice #2: Egg White Omelette

Here comes the delish. Egg whites are low-calorie food that contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. Egg whites do not contain carbohydrates or sugar but are good sources of riboflavin and selenium. Additionally, each egg white contains 54 milligrams of potassium, an essential mineral and 55 mg of sodium.

Nutritional value: One egg white contains just 17 calories (as opposed to 71 per whole egg)

Choice #3 Wheat (dalia) Upma

Broken wheat upma is extremely nutritious and contains carbohydrates, fibre, protein calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc. And of course, there are some vitamins (B-complex group) in it. Wheat dalia is digested slowly by the body and keeps you full for long. So, you don't need to snack on anything else. The vitamins present in wheat rava are good for your immunity. Mainly, Vitamin B and E in it fortify your immune system.

Choice #4 Idli/dosa

The fluffiest idlies served with chutney and sambar is guaranteed to transport every south Indian to heaven. But that’s not the only reason for it to win the people’s choice award for the best breakfast ever. The rice and urad dahl in idlies and dosas complement each other, making it a complete protein pair. The fermentation process involved in the making of idli/dosa breaks down the starch, so that they are readily metabolized by the body.

Nutritional value: Each idli contains just 39 calories, which is a minimal amount in comparison to a healthy 2,000-calorie daily diet

Choice #5 Parantha

Don’t shun the parantha just because it has ghee. Rujuta has always propounded the importance of ghee in our Indian diet to maintain a bridal glow on our face. So go ahead, make a nice parantha and have it with a bowl of home set curd/yoghurt if that is your bliss!

Nutritional value: A serving of parantha (100gms) equals to 285

Wow, with that power packed breakfast, begin your day on an energetic note!

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