47 great ideas to try when your child says the inevitable “I’m bored!”

I wish it were as acceptable for adults to say they're bored as it is for a child."Mommy, I just did potty. Wash me." "No darling. I'm bored."Wah, we can dream, eh? But hey, kids don't have the attention span or the maturity to stick with things that are old, uninteresting, provide delayed gratification or have to wait for. So, you'll often find them saying they're really bored. And you may want to tear your hair. Orrrr, you could try these great tips from Care.com. There are a whole bunch so you may want to jot them down or just screen grab them -
  1. Plant a tree.
  2. Bake cookies for the neighbors -- or your family.
  3. Explore nature and go geocaching.
  4. Act out your child's favorite book.
  5. Make lanyard key chains.
  6. Visit an interactive museum.
  7. Have a catch in a local park or the backyard.
  8. Build an indoor tent or fort with couches and some bed sheets.
  9. Head to the local library.
  10. Turn on the radio and dance.
  11. Put together a jigsaw puzzle.
  12. Make homemade play dough.
  13. Follow a no-bake recipe.
  14. Play DIY bowling: Spray-paint two-liter bottles as makeshift bowling pins and use a handy soccer ball in place of a bowling ball.
  15. String together macaroni for jewelry.
  16. Host a picnic lunch -- indoors or outdoors.
  17. Learn how to tie-dye T-shirts.
  18. Pull out the dress box, put on funny clothes and have a photo shoot.
  19. Head outdoors for bird watching.
  20. Create a time capsule.
  21. Write letters to soldiers.
  22. Play balloon volleyball.
  23. Have a potato-sack race.
  24. Camp out in the backyard.
  25. Make up a secret handshake.
  26. Count how many times you can spin in a circle without getting dizzy.
  27. Make fruit kabobs.
  28. Draw murals with sidewalk chalk.
  29. Play lily-pad leap with small rugs and towels strategically placed throughout the playroom or living room.
  30. Construct an indoor obstacle course.
  31. Choreograph a dance routine.
  32. Host a movie night. Plan for it by drawing tickets, making popcorn and setting up the room like a theater.
  33. Make bath fizzies by combining citric acid, baking soda and cornstarch.
  34. Pull out some old socks and draw faces on them to make sock puppets -- then put on a show.
  35. Play "Mother May I?".
  36. Make a friendship bracelet.
  37. Exercise those finger-painting skills.
  38. Take silly pictures with a camera.
  39. Host an at-home field day, complete with tug of war and team colors.
  40. Explore small areas of nature with a magnifying glass.
  41. Experiment with science. Make a papier mch volcano and mix baking soda and vinegar for an explosive reaction!
  42. Learn a new card game.
  43. Host a tea party.
  44. Partake in brainteasers, such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles and word searches.
  45. Jump rope.
  46. Go on a walk and let kids take pictures (with a disposable camera) of their favorite things around the neighborhood.
  47. Break out the pots and pans and practice drumming skills (ear plugs required for parents!).
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