4 ways in which music enhances a child’s brain development

Even when pregnant, many parents play music to the baby in the womb. Previous research had suggested that the babies could listen in utero and identify these sounds and it's mother's voice once it was born. Now research is showing that music may go a step further and enhance your child's brain development too. Abbie Kraft has this report -Several geniuses were equipped with strong musical background. Albert Einstein, Mozart, Beethoven, Mahatma Gandhi and even Steven Spielberg can play a musical instrument or two. Several studies backed the claims that music has a positive effect on brain development.Studies suggest that teaching a child to play a certain music instrument can increase their memory and brain function. Musical training is said to have a significant role in raising a successful child. Listed below are few points on how music positively enhances a child's brain:1. Enhances the Physical DevelopmentMusic is said to help the brain's capacity to coordinate. It increases the child's motor and reasoning skills. Music also sharpens the child's hand and body coordination and help the child exercise simultaneous activities.2. Improves Language DevelopmentMusic is said to train the child's executive functioning skills which can aid them when it comes to their academic performances."There's a lot of evidence," Gaab, the lead researcher stated. "If you play a musical instrument, especially if you start early in life, that you have better reading skills, better math skills, et cetera. The question is, what is the underlying mechanism?"3. Music Feeds the Child's CreativityAs the music enhances the brain function, it also aids children in exploring their creativity. Music helps the child come up with an original piece as it gives them an outlet to express their individuality.4. Music Boost the Child's MemoryLearning how to play a specific musical instrument requires concentration, memory work and dedication. Memorization is a must, thus letting a child learn music at an early age helps him/her sharpen his/her memory. This article is from here.