4 sureshot steps to rekindle long-lost intimacy with your spouse in bed

So, ladies, let’s get down to business. How many years has it been since you married your husband? Two years? Five years? Ten? If you’ve kept the spark alive even after your honeymoon period expired, it definitely says something about you. But stare naked truth in the face: sex has become kinda mechanical. You walk into the bedroom after putting kids to bed, turn out the lights, undress, hump, fall asleep. Where’s the romance, the wildness, the sheer animality, like when your husband first broke that useless tissue called the hymen?

Time to bring it back. Not saying you have to do it everyday, or even that every time you have sex you should feel intimate with your partner. Just that, once in a while, you rekindle the feelings you had for each other; experience biology’s magic as you used to.

So pick a day when you’re not too tired - this requires effort, sistah. Slide into your bedroom, shut the door and start off by:

1. Kissing passionately:

Sure, you lock lips at some point during your usual act, but it doesn’t start with that. Somewhere when you’re on top, or in between positions, you slob hurriedly at each other’s tongues, but it’s not really the romantic prelude you’d have liked. Believe it or not, ladies, kissing is what turns on a woman most, it’s what gets her juices flowing and ready for the rougher scenes that follow. So close your eyes. Don’t stop yourself from making the right sounds because what’s the direct result of the wife’s arousal? Think. It’s only when the cow’s in heat that the bull chases after.

2. Undress each other:

Taking off your own clothes is just boring. It doesn’t matter if you have to fumble at hooks, laadis, straps. It doesn’t matter if your clothes tear in the process - rip them off each other’s skin if you have to. Keep kissing all through, or undress stage by stage; an item comes off at each base.

3. Indulge in a good, long foreplay:

Long doesn’t always have to be slow. You can alternate between wild and mild as much as you want to. During this time, look into each other’s eyes. Drink from the lust in his, allow him to search for the desire in yours. Touch every spot that causes arousal, exploit it, caress it, melt with it.

4. Stick to the traditional positions:

Not doggie. Find a position throughout which you can maintain eye contact. Remember Khaleesi with the Dothraki king? It’s exactly what you have to do. Seize control. Get on top. Let him watch you as you move, as you arch your back and whip your hair back. Look at him as the animality in his face peaks, as he throws you off and rams hard into you. Because that’s how you make sure it’s not all over once he climaxes. He rolls off, but he clings on instead of turning away and falling asleep.

Ladies, this isn’t just about having fun. It’s about reconnecting with your husband, so do be a little romantic. After all, Valentine’s Day is almost here!