4 (sex) things women do that men LOVE

Yeah, yeah, pleasing men in bed is real simple, all you have to do is have sex with them. In fact — we’re just going to say it — you don’t have to even DO anything. But what if you did? What difference would that make, ladies? A lot, as it turns out. Here are four things that women do in bed that men absolutely hanker for and love.

Tell him what you want

Most guys will make an honest effort to please you in every way possible. They’ll even give foreplay a decent chance, even though it doesn’t really matter to them as much as it does to us womenfolk. But tell him what you want and watch him go. If there are certain things that get the motor running for you, just ask him to do it. Love it when he goes down on you? Instead of guiding his head down there, whisper it into his ears and brace yourself for the magic that follows. Men love being told what to do in bed (and unlike outside the bedroom, they actually DO it).

Make the first move

We’re sure 99% of the time, it’s your man who makes the first move. Perhaps it’s time to take him by surprise when he comes home from work today and jump his bones. The woman making the first move makes the man feel like you want him more than he wants you at that moment, and there can be no greater turn on for a man who knows he is wanted. Right? Go in for the kill when he least expects it: while reading a newspaper, while he’s still asleep or when he walks in the door after a harrowing day at work. Pleasure guaranteed.

Take control

Us women are so good at controlling right? Well, then what’s stopping you from taking the reins in bed? The next time you hit the play button and he moves into his customary missionary position (side note: also, maybe it’s time you tried out some new positions?), stop him right there. Tell him to lie on his back and get the cowgirl (or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, reverse cowgirl) position going. Not only will it give you a high to get in control of how you do it, it’ll also drive your guy absolutely crazy.


No guy will admit it upfront but they love it when you tease. By teasing, we don’t mean that you push the pause button just when he’s all set to go. But maybe leave that sexy, red lacy bra in his closet “by mistake”, or blindfold him and take him on a “tour”, if you know what we mean. Kind of like foreplay, but it would be you who lets him know that you’re down for some dirty dancing, right?