4 Reasons why Dads should take Paternity Leave!

While the concept of Paternity leave is gaining a lot of popularity in the western world, it is still largely unheard of in India. Even in companies that do offer paternity leave in the US, statistics show that only 16% of dads took the leave. Here are 4 reasons why it is a good idea for dads to take at least 2 weeks off as a paternity break.1. More love and Respect: Parenting an infant can be exhausting and doing it alone can be really tough on the body and mind. Being around for your wife will earn you huge brownie points in life and she will love and respect you more for it.2. Helps you bond with your child: Caring for your child is what bonds you to your child. Not just the fact that they have your DNA. Spending time with your baby is going to establish a deep connection with your child that both of you will cherish in the years to come.3. Improves your marriage: Marriages can get strained a little(to put it mildly!) when the baby comes around- The mom is always exhausted and the child is demanding and the father is busy with his work- seems like they are in parallel universes. The dad taking that year’s vacation time to bond with the child would do the family a lot of good. It helps you to spend time as a family, focus on your marriage and your wife.4. A good break: We don’t think twice about taking a vacation to an exotic destination.  Taking a dad sabbatical and being at home can also be a refreshing alternative from your daily grind as well. Chill on the sofa with your baby on your chest while watching TV. Take a nice stroll around with the baby in the stroller. Catch up on all your favourite TV shows which you did not have time for,  when you volunteer for that midnight feed… it is all about perspective :)Gone are the days when dads were clueless about what was going on with their children and the mother alone was pretty much involved in child raising. Today as women take on a job outside the home and roll up their sleeves to pretty much don any role that is required of her, it is only logical that men too pitch in on domains that were hitherto considered exclusively female. Try it!Image Source : Dollarphotoclub.com