4 Best Weighing Scales under Rs.1000/-

You stand on the weighing scales and each and every time you lose anywhere between 500 gm to 1 kg weight!

Awesome, right? Well I wish too, but stop day dreaming. It is never happening!

So you might as well move it or shake it and ensure you most definitely sweat it to get fit!

Now yes that scale is going to tell you the ugly truth or make you jump with joy that your efforts have borne fruit, but you cannot deny needing one for yourself.

Here are some good options you could consider buying to get you started and of course make you stick to your workout plan

1. Virgo Manual Weighing Scale

You want to track your weight; you might as well keep it simple. This scale is easy to read and understand besides being accurate. Having a capacity of weighing up to 120kg this could be the perfect one for you. It comes in a cute checker board design along with an inspiring message for you. So don’t bother with changing batteries, just have a peek at the pointer to give you the weight, well which actually is. Begin your workout by picking this up.

₹ 850

2. Venus Electronic Digital LCD Fitness weight weighing scale

With a high precision strain gauge sensor system this scale gives you accurate readings. It is made of tempered glass and runs on Lithium battery. The scale is auto on so you just have to stand on it for instant readings, get off and it instantly switches off. In case of the battery running low it will let you know as it will in case there is an overload on it. This weighing scale now has a maximum capacity of 180kg. The design is vibrant and eye catching with all the weaves and water droplets.

₹2499 – save ₹3749 (60% off )

3. Samso Chrome Digital Weighing Scale

Well you never can understand exactly where the pointer is? No problem switch to a digital weighing scale which will give you the exact reading. It is simplistic in style and gives accurate and reliable readings. It also has a capacity of up to 150kg. It is made of black glass and runs on lithium batteries; automatic power off helps save battery life. If this is what suits you, pick it up here.

₹ 990

 4. Healthgenie Digital Weighing Scale

This scale works on 4 sensor technology; keep it on a flat solid surface and stand on it to get 100% accurate readings. With a maximum weight bearing capacity of 180kg, this scale can also measure minimum weight of 10kg thus you could use it for your little one too. With auto on and off features and an indicator if the battery runs low, this scale is convenient to use. An added perk the scale inspires you to keep at it and ensure you have a smile on your face each time you stand on it and look at the readings. Pick it up here for that added inspiration to keep fit.

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