3 workout tops that are must-have!

There are so many styles of workout active wear to choose from! The most important characteristics of active wear tops are support, breathability, material and style. Here’s what you need to have in your wardrobe to mix n match per occasion.1. Tanks/camisolesRegular tanks are great for wearing  over sports bras or under tees to give definition to ones’ body without the extra fabric to make it skin-easy for working out. Tanks are also more modest than just wearing a sports bra. Use it for layering over a bra or under a tee shirt. This one from Renka is comfortable, made of lycra for sweat absorption and quick drying and costs a modest 299. These are great for stretching, strength exercises and aerobics.[product_comparison product_sku='tanks']2. Dri-fit tees Comfortable, airy, breathable and light, dri-fit tees, as their name suggests dry up from sweat very quickly making them the perfect workout wear. Ideal for running, cycling or even strength training, these tees come in a variety of colours and attractive patterns to suit every taste. We like this one from Clovia. However, bear in mind that the size runs a bit small. So get one size bigger than you’d normally wear.[product_comparison product_sku='drifit_tees']3. Regular teesAdmit it. Who’s not seen a pair of well worn tees in the closet and thought of repurposing them for the sweat-filled workouts at the gym to, erm, breathe new life into them? Regular tees are perfect for workouts that could involve anything from jogging to hard core strength training. We like the range of tees from Rohtang. [product_comparison product_sku='regular_tees']