3 signs your kids have strict grandparents and 5 ways to deal with it!

Grand-pa stereotype #1: All grandparents indulge their grand kids

Sign #1: Yours are strict and treat your kids as they did their own kids- with discipline and rules.

Grand-ma stereotype #2: Grandparents love their grandkids however they are.

Sign #2: Yours seem ambitious and want to glory in your child’s achievements – academic or otherwise.

General stereotype #3: Grandparents and grandkids are alike in their childishness.

Sign #3: In that, your parents/ in-laws can be just as childish about things as your own kids.

How to make the situation work when your parents/ in-laws are not the traditional grandparents? They are unpleasantly strict and do not confirm to the societal norm of the sweet cuddly grand-dad.

The grandparents rule:

The universal truth is that parents will need their parents to help and guide them and grandparents will need their children and grandkids. This special relationship is enriching for everyone and sadly doesn’t last forever.

So whether you have live-in in-laws or ones that live far away, it’s worth everyone’s time to be a part of each other’s lives.

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Here are our tips on strengthening the relationship  

How deal with strict grand-parents - without hurting/confrontation

1. Stand your ground

If you think that your children are being treated unfairly, speak up. Very politely and kindly do this because this is very important. Remember that your children will also learn to respect you more, if you stick up for them.

2. Tell them when a boundary has been crossed

Telling your in-laws to trust your parenting, is a rule that must start early. Do not tell them ‘one fine day’ as it will lead to fights and confrontations. Be very clear about letting you follow your rules of parenting on your children.

3. Husband should support their wives and vice versa

This kind of conversation is best done with the support of the partner. Parents may be more willing to hear from their own children rather than the son-in-law or daughter-in-law that that their days of parenting are over. They now need to support you in your decisions.

4. Have defined roles

Especially of live with your in-laws or live close by, it is very important that you have defined roles. Tell your parents/in-laws that discipline is your territory and that you’d appreciate if they’d stick to just being kind and loving and accepting of your children.

5. Know that they mean the best

Do not forget to reassure them of this because, often it is true. Strict grandparents are often coming from a place of deep concern and love or reflecting their own struggles. Respecting them will go a long way in mending and improving the relationship.

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