3 exclusive bathroom scales you just have to buy

A set of good bathroom scales is a necessity these days with the kind of crash diets, occasional bingeing, holiday eating and all that goes with the territory of life these days. Monitoring your weight regularly helps you catch any weight gain early and cut back on junk food well before it becomes a noticeable problem. However, there are *so* many varieties available. Should you go analog? Or digital? Or one of those smart body thingies that tell you more information than you care? Don’t you worry. Here’s what your money can buy as far as weighing scales are concerned.1. Analog scale Basic, no frills, no-fuss analog bathroom scale available with 1 kg calibrations with a typical needle-pointing readout. This scale has a non-slip grip at the bottom, must be placed on a flat surface and is calibrated up to 125 kgs. Obviously, it needs no batteries, and can help one monitor their weight in the ball park if not accurately. We like this scale by Analog Scale. [product_comparison product_sku='analog_scale']2. HealthSense Personal Digital scaleThese days, people prefer digital bathroom scales to give a more accurate readout. This scale from HealthSense is hugely popular. It’s attractive, non-fragile, light weight, works on G-Sensor technology for high accuracy, displays weight up to 180 kgs in either kilograms, stones or in pounds. It comes with a one-year warranty, features “Step On” technology which starts sensing as soon as you step on the scale, displays your weight within 5 seconds and even features an auto power off to save battery. The read out is calibrated in 100 g increments which helps you accurately monitor your weight day by day.[product_comparison product_sku='healthsense_personal_digital_scale']3. FitBit Aria WiFi Smart Scale With a smart body analyser, you my friend, have crossed over to the badass fitness-conscious side. It can pretty much do everything and more than you’ve ever imagines with a weighing scale. Heck, maybe future versions will sync up with your rice cooker and make meals (just kidding, not!) But as of now, your money can buy you this FitBit Aria Smart Body Analyzer, which can accurately track your weight over time, measure your body fat percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI), lean mass, and even upload your stats to your fitbit online account (synced via an app and uploaded via WiFi), recognize up to 8 individual users and track all stats simultaneously. Over the app that can be password protected, you can view graphical representations of your weight evolution over time, check to see if you’ve lost body fat, etc. What more does a fitness freak need?[product_comparison product_sku='fitbit_aria_wifi_smart_scale']What do you look for in a bathroom scale? Do these varieties meet the cut? Get us talking!