20 tips to keeping your sanity while raising kids *fun post*

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Let’s accept it together – raising kids is a harrowing experience. It’s rewarding, frustrating, amazing, tear-jerking, hair raising, and impossible, all at once. Especially for first time parents. Here’s a survival guide to keeping your sanity while you do the best you can –1. Lower your need to control. Having kids is one thing that’s certainly going to spiral everything else out of control.2. Did that? Now lower your standard for cleanliness even lower than that. Your house ain’t going to be the shooting spot for Home Décor any time before your kids leave for college.3. No matter how many toy shelves you buy, you’ll find Legos at the unlikeliest corners of the house – from the pantry to the guest bedroom toilet.

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4. Store popsicles in the freezer at all times. It’s not for the kids. It’s for you when you think you might lose it.5. If you can’t make them clean, change your perspective. For example, I’ve read toothpaste is an excellent cleanser for bath fittings. So when I see toothpaste stains on the faucets, I think it was so considerate of my son to half do the job, while I clean it, while mentally shouting expletives at him.6. No one is going to look under the bed. So don’t care what you put under there. If it’s food, consider getting a pet.7. With young kids, the house is always going to smell of poop in the initial years and then pee. Just invest in Febreeze.8. Prioritize the chores. Accept they’ll all NEVER get done.9. Don’t invest in light colored furniture. Come on, what’s the point?10. Your kids won’t die from eating an occasional pack of Maggi or frozen pizza. If that’s what it takes on some days, do it.11. Same goes for iPad.12. If you’re a crafting mommy, great! If not, it’s okay to throw the crayons that are broken or small or just ‘coz you don’t want them.

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13. Sale goes for PlayDoh you don’t want to be molding.14. If your kids are fighting among each other, just because you can, start an argument with them. Usually then, they’ll team up together to mutually hate you – this means their fight is over and you can get free time. Win-win!15. If it doesn’t work, invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones.16. Children don’t care about thread count on their sheets. So if it’s cheesy cartoon sheets they want, do it.17. Have a hobby you love. And don’t give it up for the kids. The kids will leave your company eventually. You need your hobby.18. Pick your battles. You’ll probably win just 1/50. Make it count.19. Convince yourself – dirty house, piled up laundry BUT happy kids EQUALS great parenting!20. Last but not least, a glass of tea and a bit of TV makes everything seem normal. For some time at least.Featured Image Source