20 super fun things for kids to do this summer

Summers are full of sunny, long days. And without school to go to, there's only so many classes your child can be part of. Here are some GREAT ideas for your kids to do this summer -1. Catch bugs.2. Play hopscotch.3. Plan for a fun family night.4. Start a game of hide-and-seek.5. Ride bicycles.6. Cook up something yummy.7. Draw with sidewalk chalk.8. Make a sparkly play dough and then play with it.9. Start a baseball game.10. Pack up and head to the pool.11. Start a water fight.12. Climb a tree.13. Plan a camping trip.14. Make a kite and then go fly!15. Read a good book.16. Swing on the hammock.17. Collect and then paint rocks.18. Put together a bucket list of summer fun list.19. Splash down the river.20. Start a water balloon fight.Weren't those ideas FAB? Click here to see another 30 ideas and even get a FREE printeable - http://club31women.com/free-printable-50-fun-things-for-kids-to-do/