18 questions to ask your little one to get the answer to ‘how was school today?’

Because that question never really worksIf your child is anything like mine, the question How was school today never worked and never will. Usually answered with a shrug or a maximum of “fine”, the answers always feel inadequate. But I suppose that question is as empty as the answers given to it. It’s a monotonous ‘ssup equivalent. Neither here nor there. So here are alternate questions to arm yourself with, to well, evoke some other response than fine or good. The key is to be more specific.


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1. What did you enjoy the most today at school?2. Was there anyone new you met today?3. Do you have homework? In what?4. What colour was your favourite teacher wearing today?5. Did your teacher have anything to say to you today?6. Whom did you eat with at lunch?7. What lunch did your best friend bring? Did you try it?8. Did you find any class interesting/boring?9. Would you like to go through anything they taught again?10. Is there someone you wish to be friends with?11. What did you play at games period?12. Did you notice anyone was absent in class today?13. Did anything fun happen on the bus?14. Did you sit with someone new on the bus/class today?15. Did you make an effort to help someone today?16. Were you kind to someone?17. Did anyone get into trouble today? Why?18. Was it anyone’s birthday today? Did they hand out treats?