15 Types Of Daily Wearing Bra Every Women Should Know – A Complete Guide For Purchasing Bra

Bras come in all types of colors, shapes and prices. It doesn’t matter which outfit you put on, if you’re not wearing the right bra underneath, your outfit might look shabby and out of place. Investing in good bras is a must for every woman because wearing the right bra makes you confident and comfortable. The degree of which the bra frames the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. You might have your favorite bra but it is important to know the various types of bras so that you will be able to choose the right one with particular outfit. 

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Listing below 15 kinds of bra suitable for daily wear and occasional wear, cost ranging from 120 to 800 rupees.

1. Bandeau bra

It is a simple band of fabric wrap around the bust, Bandeau bra is ideal for young girls who have just hit puberty. It provides less support due to its styling and you one easily replace it for a cami or tank top and wear it underneath a sweater or jacket.

2. Sports bra

Sports bras are structured to provide maximum support to your breasts, as well as minimize movement while doing strenuous activities. If you’re about to do some rigorous exercise or running, better pick a sports bra.

3.  Balconette bra and Demi bra

Both are not same, even though many people might get confused between the two because of the cup cut.Well, let’s clear it out.

Balconette is a sexier version of a full-coverage bra but with a smaller cup cut to expose more of the upper portion of the breast.

Demi bra falls even lower than the Balconette. It plunges quite low to show ample cleavage and is great for small size breast. It can be best worn with wide necklines, scoop neck, and low necklines.

4. Adhesive bra

Adhesive bras are backless and strapless and mostly made of silicon. You can also get fabric ones that look more like a normal strapless bra the back cut off. They usually have adhesive on the side wings to hold them on. This is an essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

5. T-shirt/seamless/counter bra

This style goes by all three names, which essentially has seamless contour cups that are designed to give a smooth look under the tight or lightweight fabric. The cups are lightly padded to stop the shape of your nipples showing through. You can get this type of bra in a variety of options, including full coverage, plunge and strapless, explains Dale

6. Underwire bra

Designed to give extra support, structure, and endurance to the breast, underwire bras normally have a metal or plastic wire running under its cups. While some women love the supportive feel, others find it uncomfortable.

7. Push-Up bra

As the name suggest, they push your breast up towards the center for cleavage, but with the added advantage of padding. Push up bra is best for women with small and asymmetrical breast as they tend to balance them out.

8. Padded bra

Padded bra features padding inside its lining, thereby enabling a fuller shape to ladies. It is mainly worn to enhance the figure and also to hide any nipple shape.The main distinction between padded bras and push-up bras is whether the padding is centered under each breast to simply lift them, or is centered on the center of each breast such that the padding pushes the breasts inwards.

9.Convertible/ Multiway bra

Convertible bras allow you to wear its straps in a criss-cross or some other way, or you can ditch the straps altogether, but it might not be as comfortable as a strapless bra. Convertibles an essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe, given its versatility.

10. Built-in bra

Built-in bras have supportive cups placed inside the garment. These bras are mostly included in off shoulders, tank tops, party dresses, saree blouses, and swimsuit. This kind of built-ins feature a horizontal elastic strip, cups, and even underwires and are also removable in some cases if desired.

11. Minimizer/full covered bra

Full coverage bra is best to minimize the size of the larger breast. The cups offer full coverage and are made of elasticated fabric which helps to compress the breasts, whilst still giving a good silhouette. Underwires are used for support.

12.Strapless bra

The strapless bra does exactly as the name indicates, it doesn’t have straps and is normally supported by the under band. You can expect less support and comfort due to the absence of straps. It is designed to wear with strapless dress and tops and every woman needs to have this in their wardrobe.

13. Plunge bra

This is yet another bra that gives you the liberty to wear low and plunging necklines. With cups distant from each other and joins low with a thin center piece and it comes in U-plunge, where the center line has a U-shaped plunge.

14. Racerback bra

This was designed to give comfortability from all sides and would match any outfit. Also known as T back bra, one of the most basic features of a racerback bra that’s different from conventional brassieres is the cross strap design at the back, which comes together at the center forming a Y or a T shape. Will will give maximum support while working out and running.

15. Maternity and nursing bra

During pregnancy due to changes in hormones the size of the breast enlarges. Most of the time the terms ‘maternity bra’ and ‘nursing bra’ mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. Strictly speaking a maternity bra is for while you are pregnant and has the features you need for comfort and support during that time. While nursing