15 things the 90s kids had that today’s children really miss

Yeah, all those family get-togethers when we sit around talking about our summer vacations with cousins, and we look at our kids and sigh - "Oh, these children will never have a childhood as golden as ours!" That's the spirit of this article. Take a look, and show your kids what the real 90s kids were like.

1. Remember those cassettes you used to fix with a pencil every time they got stuck?

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2. Landlines! Yep, those dialpads that you actually had to crank with a finger.


3. Those were the golden days when only your dad had a cellphone, and that too only if he worked for a big MNC.


4. Hercules, Atlas, Hero. The ones with the fancy features and the gears that you always looked at wistfully when your neighbour came over to show it off.


5. Pitthu/ lagori, hide-and-seek, running and catching. You never had enough of playing those on the road outside your house.


6. You roll your eyes when you say DD1 or DD Metro and your kids are like, “What?!”


7. 9am on Sunday, smush up on the sofa with the rest of your family and turn on DD1. Time for Chandrakanta, Mowgli and Mahabharata, in that order.


8. Don’t forget the day you first got cable TV and a VCR. Happiest moments of your lives, weren’t they?


9. Then came Tom and Jerry, Popeye the Sailor Man, Shaktiman, He-man, Superman, Spiderman, Dennis the Menace, Bugs Bunny and Captain Planet! Can you think of any more?


10. Comic time! You never had enough of Supandi, Archies, Champak, Chanda Mama and Rangoli, did you?


11. Y2K! You feared for the 21st century like Ravana himself. You thought the turn of the millennium would be the end of the world.

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12. Milton was the first Tupperware!


13. You had to use pencils till 4th grade (no pen-pencils, they’d spoil your handwriting). And from grade five, you’d suddenly have ink all over your fingers, thanks to the compulsory ink pen!


14. You were punished for speaking your mother tongue in school. So you used to dig English because it was so cool!

Only speak in English!

15. If your family owned an Ambassador, Premier Padmini, Maruti 800 or Omni, you were the luckiest person amongst all your friends. Like 10 of you would pile into it and travel the country without a word of complaint about space.


A version of this article appeared on Scoopwhoop.

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