15 things grandparents do that annoy parents to their limits

When I was about six years old, I used to take really long to finish a meal (the longest I've taken is like two hours, I think). So my mother decided to discipline me. One day, she told me that unless I finished my veggies and daal in five minutes, I wouldn't get to eat the methi gojju that I loved with hot rice. I finished my veggies half an hour later and quietly sneaked into the kitchen when my mother wasn't looking. And who should be there but granny, looking this way and that, making sure that my mother wasn't coming in to catch her red-handed at her unforgivable crime. She served me the rice and gojju, mixed it quicky, and just as she was about to put the first handful in my mouth, the omniscient mother appeared. You can imagine what happened next - probably nothing less than what you would've done yourself.

By Kate Schweitzer


  1. They Make Us Look Like the Bad Guy

When "no" isn't a part of a grandparent's vocabulary, it makes it even more frustrating to try to discipline your kids around them. Just as you're telling them they can't do something, Grandma is hovering over, saying, "Oh, it won't kill her to have one more cookie!"gp1


  2. They Ask About the Next Baby Immediately After We Delivered One

Often before even hearing the name of your hours-old baby, the questions start pouring in: “This won’t be my last grandchild, will it?” “When are you going to have the next one?” “How long do you think you’re going to wait? You’re no spring chicken . . .



3. They Act as Though They’ve Got Dibs on Our Kids

Contrary to popular opinion, just because there’s a grandparent in the room doesn’t mean no one else has a right to hold a newborn. Sometimes an exhausted parent just wants to keep a sleeping baby asleep in the carrier rather than risk a botched handoff. And it’s very likely a nursing mom won’t be too keen on pumping just so a demanding grandparent can feed the baby a bottle.



4. They Return Babies the Instant They Start to Fuss

Grandparents forcing our babies from our clutches wouldn’t be nearly as annoying if they didn’t hand them back the moment they started to cry or showed signs of a wet diaper. And this action is made all the more frustrating by the fact that they seem to revel in their ability to – and this is a direct quote from grandmothers everywhere – "have all the joys of the baby without any of the dirty work."



5. They Don’t Care If We Miss an Important Milestone

First words, first taste of chocolate, first successful swim at the pool — parents eagerly await experiencing these milestones with their children, and although the timing of some developmental benchmarks are out of anyone’s control, they always seem to happen on the grandparents’ watch. And when your avid crawler takes his first steps with Grandpa, you can bet he didn’t think to snap a photo or remember any detail of the experience whatsoever.



6. They Make Us Look Lazy

At mom's house, pizza comes premade right out of the freezer. But at Grandma's house, it's a whole fun,extrasensory experience, from kneading and throwing dough to splattering marinara sauce to shredding cheese.



7. They Dole Out Guilt Trips

"You don't come over enough — we've only got a few good years left!" "You only stay here for half the day!" "You only stay here for a short weekend!" No matter how hard you try, you are never giving the grandparents enough quality time with the little ones. And such behavior is so egregious that they spend the entire time youareall together letting you know it.



8. They Don’t Babysit the Way the Babysitter Does

When you’ve arranged free childcare from the grandparents, you have to remember that you are getting what you’re paying for. As much as you’d like Grandpa tostick to your guidelineson the two days of the week he watches your kids, you know he’s letting them do whatever they want, which certainly includes eating sugary cereal and watching SportsCente



9. They Never Ask Permission

Fromimpromptu haircutsto getting your 6-month-oldbaby's ears piercedon a seemingly harmless trip to the mall, you never even get a call to ask if it's OK first.



10. They Spoil Them With Gifts

One new toy every now and then is fine, but five? They go overboard on gift giving, and it's as if they purposefully try to find the gizmos with the loudest, most annoying jingles.



11. They Refuse to Babyproof Their House

It’s amazing that they want to spend so much time with their grandchildren, but they simply will not perform the most basic ofchildproofing tasks— even when you offer to pay for the outlet plugs and stair gates — for reasons incomprehensible but likely having to do with the fact that kids these days are too soft and need to learn limits on their own.



12. They Make Them Feel a Little Too Special

You're well-versed in the dangers ofmaking your child feel entitled, and you expected your parents — the ones who bemoaned you getting a trophy just for trying — would understand, too. Instead, they are constantly putting your children on sky-high pedestals and complimenting them on their cuteness rather than a more well-earned personality trait.



13. They Criticize Our Parenting

From big things ("You need to discipline her more!") to the most innocuous ("That's not how we took their temperature . . ."), they have an opinion about everything, and they aren't afraid to let you know what you're doing wrong at every turn.



14. They Criticize Our Parenting

From big things ("You need to discipline her more!") to the most innocuous ("That's not how we took their temperature . . ."), they have an opinion about everything, and they aren't afraid to let you know what you're doing wrong at every turn.



15. They Forget About Us Completely

It's adorable how much they love our kids, but would it kill them to remember we'retheirkids every once in awhile? If you're running a slight fever, their first thought is if you've selfishly infected their grandchildren. And when they call to ask how their baby is, you know they aren't talking about you.



  SOURCE:  popsugar.com