15 Return Gift Ideas for Kids below 5 Years

It’s that time of the year when my daughter’s birthday is around the corner. As always, a whole lot of planning goes into it – be it the theme of the party, her birthday dress, the cake, drawing up the guests list, the return gifts – the list is endless.

Did I say return gifts?!? Phew, picking the right return gift for my daughter’s friends is the toughest and probably the most brain-racking part of the whole planning process. You don’t want to buy gifts that are common and which, kids mostly have, and, at the same time, they shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It has to be something that the kids enjoy using – that they love taking with themselves back home, with a broad grin on their face!

I came across some beautiful ideas as I was hunting for return-gifts! So here’s my list of ideas you can use when you’re planning for your kid’s birthday party:


1. Wall Art/ Decals

The ideal way to spruce up the kid’s room and making them fall in love with their walls (this means an end to all the scribbling!)

Price: Rs. 39 – Rs. 400

2. Memo Boards

These magnetic memo boards can be used for displaying encouraging quotes, favorite photos, and to-do lists. Bursting with color, these boards can be used to adorn kids’ rooms or doors.

Price: Rs. 149

3. Toothbrush Holder

This colorful and fun wooden toothbrush holder is bound to make little kids look forward to brushing their teeth. This comes with a timer that shows exactly how long they need to brush.

Price: Rs. 199

4. Wooden/ Plush Soft Toy Photo Frames

Picture frames capture the best moments of childhood and add décor to kid’s rooms

Price: Rs. 130 to Rs. 175


5. Personalized presents

From backpacks to pencils labeled with one’s name; this website offers unique return-gift options. Toddler’s backpacks are my personal fav! They are elegant, bright-colored, and are perfect gifts for the little ones.

Price: Rs. 1200

6. Personalized Stationery Pouches

A perfect utility item for kids of all ages with a personal touch.

Price: Rs. 130

7. Play-Doh by Funskool

This gives shape to a kid’s imagination. This colorful dough can be used for building, sculpting, and art & craft projects and fun for kids of all ages.

Price: Rs. 39 – Rs. 225

8. Crayola Washable Crayons

Moms will thank you for these when their walls will not have permanent crayon damage.

Price: Rs. 99 – Rs. 135

9. Personalized Notebooks & Storybooks

Writing has never been so much fun. This personalized gift is one of a kind and encourages kids to write in their own special notebook, which has their name on every page! Personalized storybooks are an awesome concept where the kid is the main character in the story. This is a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Price: Rs. 390 for Notebooks and Rs. 440 for Storybooks


10. Coin Banks

This is a unique gift that would encourage kids to save for a purpose.

Price: Rs. 58 – Rs. 150

11. Personalized Rucksacks/ Shoe bags

Bright colored rucksacks with initials that can be carried on a day out or personalized shoe bags to store all the shoes

Price: Rs. 330 for rucksacks and Rs. 420 for shoe bags


12. Table Placemats

Colorful placemats are bound to hold the kid’s attention making mealtimes fun.

Price: Rs. 200

13. Graphic Water Bottles

An easy to use squeeze and sip bottle for kids

Price: Rs. 119

14. Cutlery Set

This is an ideal gift for young kids to make them eat on their own with this attractive cutlery set.

Price: Rs. 375

15. Divided Plates

Little ones will love having their very own plate, bowl, and cup featuring their favorite Zoo character! Bright colors and whimsical faces make mealtime fun

Price: Rs. 381

So here’s my pick and I hope you are able to find some unique options for your kid’s birthday party.

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