15 mind blowing new blouse secrets from celebrities to look slimmer!

Blouse is an essential garment that can be worn with lehenga, a saree or even a half saree of the mood takes you. With such a versatile article of clothing it is important that it is not only well fitted, fabric is well chosen, well teamed and lest we forget fashion forward.

While stars are all over the place being papped everywhere for wearing sarees, we bring you the definitive list that will set you up well for the October season of shaadis. Nope, it isn’t too early. Choosing the right fabric, the tailor, the embroidery the fits, take almost two months! You heard that right. Two months and a lot of sweat in explaining a (possibly vernacular) tailor who is a magician with his hands and embroidery what you really want. One tip: Never argue with the tailor. If he says a pattern won’t work, just show him these images and you’ll have him on your team in no time☺. Yes, we love moms!

Moms, don’t forget to notice how while many of these styles are sleeveless, the inherent cut makes it slimming on the body type.

1. Go traditional

The cut of the blouse takes the attention away from the heavy chest to the narrow neck. That’s what you need.

2. Simply sheer  

Image Source

To add to the sheer marvel, add a nice design to the back to keep attention away from bulges.

3. Velvety sheen  

Team this with a sheer gold and nobody is going to talk about your waistline. The blouse looks regal enough to command all attention.

4. Gold and beautiful

Image Source

This is a lovely blouse to carry off your brocades and banarasis. Get a good tailor to add an extra bustier finish inside the blouse to keep the bulges in and popping out right!

5. Subtle yet sexy

Image Source

Try this look for a classy finish to a heavy saree. The heavy chandelier hangings hide any back flaws and keep the look fresh yet elegant.

6. Sleek designs

Image Source

When your back is your fortune. This is perfect for women who are heavy bottomed and need the focus to stay on the upper body.

7. Slimming shoulder details 

Image Source

The detailing at the neck is perfect for women with heavy arms. They can carry off this look with just a little sheer fabric sleeves. The neck detail will claim the eye of the onlooker.

8. Embroidery

Image Source

This is a glam look for the evening. The floral shower embroidery on the blouse is so subtle in hiding the wide brimmed look that horizontal striped sarees tend to give. Try this if you have a saree that’s making you look fat.

9. Monochrome blouse

Image Source

This is an awesome look to rock most traditional sarees. The long sleeves in monochrome add length to the short limbed Vidya.

10. Jacket blouse

Image Source

Try this when the winters are here. The heavy detailing in the jacket will keep you warm, make you look slimmer and keep you stylish.

11. Flutter away  

Image Source

Nimrit Kaur’s black almost ruffled look is perfect for summer soirees. It keeps it summery and young and hides upper arm bulges.

12. Anti-trend  

Image Source

Try this on a boring saree. Your friends will love you for upping their style quotient by going anti-traditional on a simple floral saree.

13. Sophisticate

Image Source

This one is for moms who are looking for comfort over all the razzmatazz of traditional embroidery. This monochromatic look will slim you down in munites.

14. Single shoulder  

Image Source

This one make you look slim and fashionable. Make sure you tell your tailor to fit it right.

15. High backed brocade

Image Source

Try this one when you need something to take the attention away from your saree. This blouse works wonders to make you look slimmer and taller by giving an appearance of elongating the back.

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