14 Month Old, Second Week

Now your kid will start getting scared of things he was not frightened before. Such fears will start disappearing once the child feels secure in herself and also the surroundings. Till then you need to work on the fears that lurk in her mind. If she feels scared in a bathtub, give her a sponge bath for several days. Make her sit in a dry tub and use a washcloth to rinse her hair in lieu of a cup of water. You can avoid the shampoo till her fear resides. Bath phobia can be overcome with fun and frolic. Make use of new water toys or books at the bath. You can join your baby in the tub and have fun by splashing along with her. If your kid is running cold, don’t give him medicines available over the counter. These have harmful side effects. A cool –air humidifier or a steamy bathroom can make him comfortable. He will be able to breathe easy. Keep him hydrated. Make him drink plenty of fluids. Soup , water and juice. It is ideal to consult your child’s doctor for medicines or any alternate treatment. Consult a doctor if fever persists for more than 5 days. The cough sounds wheezy; the child is restless, pulls his ears, the cold symptoms continue unabated for more than two weeks. If he has high fever , you must call a doctor immediately. Be on the guard. Take note of the symptoms and act accordingly.